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Fromm custom installs automatic packaging line to increase efficiency

Supplier: Fromm Packaging Australia
16 December, 2015

Our customer is a manufacturer of steel cans used for food products, such as baby formula, and process high quantities of 3000mm high pallets.

Fromm Packaging Australia installed an automatic packaging line complete with pallet top frame applicator, staging area, strapping machine, pallet top sheet applicator and safety systems to category 3 standards.

With rising demand around the world for Australian canned foods (particularly in China as a result of the baby formula shortage) our customer needed to update their existing packaging line to cope with the increase in orders.

We incorporated a number of automatic features in this packaging line to reduce human movements as much as possible & increase efficiency. Firstly, we installed an automatic top frame applicator which picks up top frames (used to protect products from damage) & places them on top of the pallet, ready to be strapped.

We installed the latest generation Fromm MH550 strapping head, which is widely used in the logistics & distribution industries, to tackle the strapping aspect of this packaging line. As a result of our customer's space constraints, the strapping function needed to operate on a single section of conveyor. In order to accomplish this, we installed a strapping machine that moves & a conveyor that rotates 90 degrees, allowing this machine to apply a 3x2 strapping format.

Once strapped, the pallet then moves down the conveyor to the plastic top sheet applicator which can dynamically detect a pallet's height, then automatically apply the plastic top sheet.

This installation was designed by the Fromm Packaging Australia team. The designs were then sent to Fromm's global manufacturing centre where the machine was built and tested to meet Fromm's strict quality assurance standards. Once shipped to Australia, the installation process was completed & working within 4 weeks.

A project such as this can be installed and commissioned for under $400,000, plus GST. The costs of these installs are almost always justified when considering the personnel and process improvements it can have on a distribution centre.