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Fuel Polishing System / FPS-500A / FPS-750A

Supplier: Algae-X

ALGAE-X Fuel Polishing Systems keep diesel fuels in “pristine condition” while removing sludge and water from tanks.

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Fuel Polishing System / FPS-500A / FPS-750A

ALGAE-X Fuel Polishing Systems keep diesel fuels in “pristine condition” while removing sludge and water from tanks. The FPS “A” Series features a unique service filter alarm, is extremely compact and reduces cost of filter maintenance

The FPS is a Three Stage Fuel Polishing System:

Stage 1: The ALGAE-X® Fuel Conditioner reverses the process of fuel deterioration, buildup of tank sludge and stabilizes the fuel.

Stage 2: The centrifugal water separation system removes water.

Stage 3: The fine filter removes solid contaminants.

Ideal for use in:

  • Tanks of vessels
  •  Vehicles
  •  Generators and heavy equipment.

With unique alarm feature

The FPS-500A / FPS-750A is a wall mounted, fuel-polishing system with alarm panel providing Optimal Fuel Quality for Peak Engine Performance.

Since fuel is inherently unstable, solids begin to form and the accumulating tank sludge will eventually clog your filters and damage your injectors. It will cause engines to smoke, lose power and ultimately break down.

The FPS-500A / FPS-750A conditions and stabilizes the fuel, eliminates microbial contamination, removes water, tank sludge and contaminants from the tanks.

The principal components of the system are an LG-X 500 (FPS-500A) or LG-X 1500 (FPS-750A) Fuel Conditioner, a continuous duty gear pump, an alarm panel with timer and a fuel filter water separator/coalescer with a vacuum gauge.

The unique alarm feature adds safety and piece of mind by automatically turning the pump off and activating an alarm light when the filter needs to be serviced.

The system is compact, easy to install, operate and maintain. The LG-X Fuel Conditioner decreases the size and mass of fuel droplets providing better filtration and water separation, clear and bright fuel, optimal combustion and clean tanks.

The filter/water separator unit removes water and particulate from the fuel. It can be easily drained, by opening the valve on the bottom.

The filter element can be back-flushed several times before replacing. FPS systems in 12V or 24V DC are also available with Racor filters (FPS-550A) .For larger capacity fuel polishing and fuel system design please contact Algae-X.

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