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Fulfilling the principles of architecture

Supplier: Locker Group
22 September, 2014

Architecture is more than just the construction of a building.

Rather, architecture is the art of unifying a range of concerns, qualities and principles – including utility, durability and visual appeal – into a cohesive whole.

According to the Australian Institute of Architects, "architecture influences all aspects of the built environment and brings together the arts, environmental awareness, sciences and technology."

Key to this is not just the creativity that allows a unique and eye-catching design to spring to life, but also the technical knowledge to make it happen.

Locker Group, an industrial materials specialist aims to do just that by helping to supply architects with the right materials and architectural products in order to make their vision a reality.

After all, while an architect may have a particular idea in mind, it doesn't necessarily mean they have the technical expertise to choose materials that are strong and durable enough for the project.

However, you may also be surprised to learn that Locker Group also has a role to play in imbuing architecture with several other qualities.

The principles of architecture

Most people understand that beauty and utility – otherwise known as form and function – have to be in balance for a successful architectural design. Architectural features have to work with the overall structure they're part of. It's no good, for example, adding an expensive terrace or balcony only to find that, instead of a glorious view, it looks out to the walls of the building next door.

At the same time, the look of a building's exterior is its visual identity, and part of defining who its occupants are. It therefore has to be an aesthetically pleasing design that will communicate an appealing message to viewers.

Fortunately, Locker Group is well-versed in providing clients with products for both the practical and the visual side – sometimes all in one. Our Atmosphere facade is an easy-to-install, attractive product that adds to the look of a building while also helping to shield its interior from the sun. Our expanded metal products are equally useful for both this and ensuring privacy.

Meanwhile, Locker Group's Pic Perf allows a building's occupants to project their brand or any other type of visual message by creating and re-creating images from perforated metal. Our wire mesh curtains are also a great way to add texture and a sense of character to a room or a facade while allowing light and air to filter through.

Perhaps most importantly, all of these products help ensure an architectural principle which is fast becoming one of the most important – sustainability. By minimising the impact of the sun, such products reduce the need for air conditioning and save on energy use.

Locker Group works hard to make sure it ticks all the boxes when it comes to supplying architectural products.