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Fully Automatic Durst Smartchargers

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"Solve Battery Problems" - Set and Forget

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Durst now offer the Fully Automatic Set & Forget SMARTCharge Solution for all Automotive, Marine, Mobile Home, Electric Scooters, Golf Carts, Solar, Deep Cycle, UPS Standby, Industrial & Commercial Applications.

Simply connect the battery to the SMARTCharger and let it auto-run the charging program. The user friendly LED display lets you clearly understand the status of the charging mode.

You can select the battery type switch for Gel (maintenance free) battery or Flooded (wet) battery to get optimum performance. At the Float charging mode, you can select the equalizing switch to choose the best voltage level for maximum battery life.

Available in a comprehensive range of single & multi outputs in 12,24,36,48 Volts, from 5 to 50 Amps & are recommended for batteries 18-800AH.

Multi Channel Outputs on some models: The charger will select the correct current for each bank of batteries connected and automatically adjust to the battery voltages sensed.

SMART Charger Features:

  • Fully Automatic Fast & Safe
  • High Efficiency & cheaper to run
  • Input Voltage 170-270 Volts AC 50 Hz
  • Overcharging Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Spike & Surge Suppression
  • Isolated Output Terminals
  • Battery Type Selector: Gel/Flooded
  • Equalize Float Voltage Choice
  • Three Stage Charging Indicator LEDS
  • Switch mode Design
  • NASA Developed Technology
  • Eliminates Sulphation
  • User Friendly
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Australian Electrical Standard & EMC Compliant
  • Suitable Also a Power Supply
  • Multi Channel Outputs

One charger to suit all types of batteries: Gel-AGM (Maintenance Free) & Flooded (Wet) Lead Calcium-Lead Acid-VRLA Deep cycle etc.

How the Fully Automatic SMARTCharger works:

SMARTCharger provides a fast, safe and accurate charge with a three stage charge sequence:

  • 1st stage - Bulk: The battery is charged at full rated output current of the charger until the battery reaches the absorption voltage. In this stage 60%-70% of the battery’s capacity is replaced.
  • 2nd stage - Absorption: The charging current falls steadily and the battery voltage stays at the absorption voltage level while the remaining 30%-40% of capacity is replaced.
  • 3rd stage - Float: When the battery is fully charged. The charger voltage is decreased and is held constantly at the set float voltage. This float charging voltage will not damage the battery but replenishes any loss of internal battery discharge. The equalize float voltage selector switch allows you to choose the best voltage to obtain maximum battery capacity.

Make sure your batteries are even more durable with our Set & Forget SMARTCharger

Deficient chargers “kill” thousands of batteries every year and in the past the best solution was to factory calibrate the charger to a specific battery type which is OK as long as it is not used for another type of battery.

Many chargers available on the market today, claim to suit all battery types!! They achieve this by averaging boost & float charge voltages. This is a compromise & will not charge the complex variety of batteries to full capacity & can reduce battery life.

Only the Durst SMARTCharger ensures that batteries are not overcharged or undercharged.

Charge Battery in Vehicle without damage to ECU or Alternator (Even Calcium Batteries!)

These sophisticated Durst SmartChargers are light-weight, compact and efficient and will automatically charge, without requiring monitoring just SET & FORGET.

They have been specially developed for use with all Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead-Acid, Calcium Lead and Automotive/Marine batteries including immobilised Gel Electrolyte Batteries with a nominal voltage of 12 volts and up to 800 AH.

Charging begins immediately the battery is connected. The output of the charger is electronically protected against short circuit and extremely deeply discharged batteries.

Charger maintains FULL BATTERY VOLTAGE when technician is working on the vehicle so there are no missed readings from scanners & associated diagnostic equipment.

Models range from 4amp all the way up to 50amp units. 24volt models are also available for Truck – Heavy vehicle applications. As supplied to Ford, GMH, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Porsche, Toyota. Etc throughout Australia & NZ