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Fury IBC Cleaner

Supplier: Tecpro Australia

Extend the life and reduce the costs of your Intermediate Bulk Containers with the first specially designed IBC cleaner.

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If your business relies on IBC's then the Fury IBC Cleaner from Tecpro Australia can help you get more life out of your IBC's and make them more suitable for recycling.

The NEW Fury IBC Cleaner is the first tank washer designed specifically for use with IBC's. It produces high power, low flow jets that can efficiently and effectively remove most industrial residues and contamination. It is lightweight and compact enough for easy insertion into any IBC and its short but powerful wash cycle makes it a simple task to effectively clean several containers very quickly.

The piston-operated mechanism is driven by only 5% of the wash water, allowing 95% to pass directly into the three nozzles. This incredibly efficient system maximises jet impingement and cleaning performance at flow rates as low as 25 to 100L/min, minimising effluent costs. With a ¾" BSP connection, the Fury IBC Cleaner can be operated between 5 and 25 Bar and is rated for temperatures up to 120º C.

With no turbines or complex gear systems the Fury IBC Cleaner suffers very little wear and the robust cage protects against damage in even the toughest working conditions. The cage is synchronised with the indexed movement of the mechanism to ensure that there is no interference with the jets.

The Fury IBC Cleaner is the most versatile cleaning solution available for IBC's and is ideal for most situations though Tecpro Australia can also suggest alternative systems for more specialist applications. Where contamination is extremely light, requiring only a thorough flushing clean, the low pressure Turbo SSB will be more cost effective. For extremely heavy residues or where contamination chemically bonds to the container wall, a specialist high pressure system may be required.

The team at Tecpro Australia are experts at finding the ideal tank washing solution for your needs and budget. For more information about the Fury IBC Cleaner or any other tank cleaning solution visit www.tecpro.com.au