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G-Force hoist handling large hose reels

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

A Ceiling Mounted Work Station Crane with four g-forces is used to lift large diameter reels of hose from four conveyor lines and then stacks them onto tiered pallets, the highest tier being 1.8 metres.

The Problem:

Prior to the G-Forces and Ceiling Mounted System, the operators were lifting and moving the reels, weighing approximately 100 kgs by hand. The operation would take at least 2 people to complete. This dramatically increased the risk of injury to the operators and slowed production.

Product Chosen:

A Ceiling Mounted Work Station Crane with four G-Forces. A core-handling device is integrated with the G-Force, which will not allow the release of the reel until it's' weight is supported, a function performed by a weight sensitive air switch.

Benefits of this Product:

With the Ceiling Mounted system and G-Forces, any one operator can now easily lift and stack the reels of hose without risk of injury.

Productivity on these lines has increased 25 percent because the operators no longer have to complete the task manually and it only takes 1 person.


Scissor lift tables recessed in the floor, but the inflexibility and expense of the required pits precluded their use.
Jib cranes with balancers or hoists were limited in their range and use.