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G.O. Engineering Consultants

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G.O. Engineering Consultants

In November 2004 Ovi Boaru established GO Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd together with Senior Partner Mr Geoff Bowland to deliver detailed structural and civil engineering and project management services to Southeast NSW.

Ovi has established himself in the region as a leading structural designer for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. He has particular expertise in residential & commercial structural design, structural inspections, assessment of structural damage (due to wind or other loads) to existing structures, and detail design for new bridges up to 10 tonnes capacity.

Geoff is the most experienced consulting Engineer in Southeast NSW with over 40 years industry experience in Municipal, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering.

G.O. Engineering Consultants work on a wide range of projects, including structural engineering, project management, architectural design, residential, and commercial applications.

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G.O. Engineering Consultants offers engineering consultancy services catering to your specific needs.

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