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Galilee Basin mine gets rail project approved

Supplier: Locker Group
23 September, 2014

Queensland's Galilee Basin mining project will be getting an added boost thanks to an approved rail line going from the port of Abbot Point to the proposed Carmichael coal mine.

Queensland's Galilee Basin mining project

The project aims to create an alternative, shorter route to transport coal from the basin the port using a standard, greenfield gauge rail line. It will be able to shuttle 100 million tonnes of coal a year.

The construction of the 300km rail line is tipped to create 2,400 jobs, and will no doubt increase the demand for industrial products like expanded metal and woven wire, for the construction area as well as the mine.

The rail line's construction is predicted to take around two years and cost $2.2 billion. During the construction phase alone, the project is forecast to inject $900 million into the overall state economy

"The multi-billion dollar coal projects proposed for the Galilee Basin have the potential to create the next wave of resource sector jobs in Queensland and dramatically boost our state's coal exports," commented Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney in an August 14 release.

The Galilee Basin covers around 247,000 square kilometres and contains huge reserves of low-sulphur thermal coal. With the global demand for thermal coal rising in recent years, mining projects in this area could be a huge boon for the local, state and national economies.

Mr Seeney emphasised that the project was being developed under strict conditions to keep the surrounding environment intact. This would not only limit the impact on water and air quality and protect the local wildlife, but also avoid negatively affecting landholders in the area.

Adani Mining, who is developing the project, will need to "develop an agreement with each affected landholder that stipulates how access will be maintained to homesteads, stock feeding areas and water supply," explained Mr Seeney.

"The company must also submit final rail design and revised flood modelling to the coordinator-general for approval before construction commences."

Use of safety products

This will likely require the use of safety products such as handrails, both during the construction phase and after. Keeping workers and the public safe is no doubt a huge priority for the government and Adani.