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Gas Chromatograph Products & Multiwave Photometers

Supplier: ABB Australia

For over half a century, ABB has developed, manufactured and installed gas chromatographs for the process industries. Our capability embraces one of the largest at-line, laboratory and gas chromatograph portfolios in the world, performing real-time analysis of the chemical composition of a process sample or stream.

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Gas Chromatograph Products include:

  • At-line gas chromatographs
  • Laboratory gas chromatographs
  • Process gas chromatographs
  • Gas chromatograph sample handling systems
  • Liquid sample injection valves and continuous performance sliding plate valves

PGC2000 Series

The PGC2000 Series (formerly Vista II Model 2000 Series) sets the standard for ease of use. Its modular design offers digital temperature control and optional digital pressure control as well as incorporating a liquid sample valve or continuous sliding plate valve, thermal conductivity, flame ionisation and flame photometric detectors.


  • Ease of operation
  • Improves quality, flexibility and serviceability
  • Reduces capital investment and long-term operation cost
  • Designed to emerging international standards (Cenelec-ATEX, NEC-NTRL & CSA)

Process Gas Chromatograph products include:

  • PGC2000 – Standard
  • PGC2002 – Simulated distillation
  • PGC2005 – Temperature Programmed
  • PGC2007 – Fuel Sulphur analyser (ASTM International Designation D7041-04)
  • PGC2009 – Fast Temperature Programmed

Multiwave Photomters

ABB Process Multiwave photometers provide continuous on-line measurement of gas pr liquid components in simple or complex press streams for process control, product quality assurance, safety, catalyst protection and area monitoring. Photometers operate in the infrared (IR), near infrared (NIR), ultraviolet (UV) and visible (VIS) regions.

Filter Photometers: PIR3502 – Infrared photometer & PUV3402 – Ultraviolet photometer

The PIR3502 process photometer is designed for the infrared and near infrared spectral regions, whereas the PUV3402 process photometer is designed for the ultraviolet and visible spectra regions. Both photometers provide continuous measurements of vapour or liquid samples. The filter wheel of the photometers utilises up to eight wavelengths, increasing the number of measurement solutions as well as compensating for many types of interference and allowing multiple component applications to be handled.

PFO3372 – Fiber Optic Photometer

The PFO3372 photometer incorporates the use of fiber optic sampling accessories for added measurement capability. Moisture applications such as water in acids, water in methanol, water in hydrocarbons or hydrocarbons in water are good candidates for this photometer. Other applications to be considered are those that require a fast response time such as monitoring the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) for hydrocarbons in air.

For more information regarding ABB’s gas chromatograph and multiwave photometer products and solutions, please visit www.abbaustralia.com.au/analytical.