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Gason tops independent broadacre accuracy trials

Supplier: Gason
27 May, 2010

Independent Testing of 12 major air seeder brands had demonstrated that Gason Australian designed and built product was the best and most accurate in terms of seed and fertiliser distribution.

Managing Director Mr. Les Gason said the last independent Kondinin Group research report published confirmed the belief of a majority of Gason owners in broadacre cropping country nationally.

"The Kondinin Group percentage coefficient of variance benchmark for seed placement was 8.9 per cent. The Gason machine recorded 6.1 per cent," he said.

"The fertiliser benchmark was 13 per cent while the Gason unit was a low 7.3 per cent."

"We were always aware that we had a very accurate machine with some operators talking about only "half of a hat" of seed variation but we did not see ourselves as being this far ahead of the competition."

Les Gason paid tribute to the professional skills of the company's engineering design and production staff.

"It was interesting in over view to see how Australian designed and built air seeders compared with imported machines," he said.

"Overall we can be very proud of our Australian products with the Kondinin Group engineers rating Australian manufactured product highly due to their superior finish and strong construction."

"Reliability is a major factor during the critical seeding timeframe, we at Gason do not compromise on quality and reliability for the sake of a few dollars" Les Gason said.

"Producers look for accuracy across the full width of the machine for both seed and fertiliser; particularly since the introduction of GPS technology as a seriously effective production tool," he said.

"Gason uses the same high performance system across its full range of seeders from the small mounted unit to the big 15000 LT machine."

"We offer a complete range of capacities - in tow between or tow behind and direct drive or variable rate control configurations - for the entire range of seeding requirements around Australia."

Les Gason said operator safety figured highly on the Gason designed agenda with low profile air seeder hoppers accessed from safe sturdy walk-between stairs and platforms as standard design features.

"We want Gason owners to be able to go about their work in the safest possible everyday operating environment and this has always been a priority for our design engineers," he said.