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Gates Clean Up, Washdown Hose Issues for Steggles

Supplier: Gates Australia
22 August, 2008

Steggles Ltd, one of Australia’s largest poultry processing companies, had a requirement for a multi-purpose washdown hose that could be used for all hot and cold water and foam washdown applications around this plant. Steggles also required the hose to be flexible, light weight and be able to cope with the harsh environment involved in poultry processing.

In the poultry, meat and leather processing industries the environment that a washdown hose has to operate in is harsh in its extreme. This is due to the high levels of animal fats, oils and tannins that contact the hose and breakdown the cover. Also being dragged around the plant throughout the service life of the hose abrades the cover quite extensively. Steggles were using a well known 3/4 white hot water washdown hose in this harsh application. Operating cycles averaged approximately 30 hours per week, with an average life of 3-4 months before the hose was deemed past serviceability.

The Solution:
With the life expectancy of the current hose being 3-4 months, a replacement that could stand up to the harsh working environment was the main priority for Steggles. CBC Ipswich approached Steggles with Gates Terminator® multi purpose hose as an alternative to trial alongside the current washdown hose. Terminator has a specially blended carboxylated nitrile cover that provides exceptional resistance to abrasion and superior resistance to animal fats, oils and tannins. With a massive 501psi pressure rating, very good flexibility, and a comparatively light weight construction Terminator is perfectly suited for this washdown application.

The Results:
The Terminator and the competitive hose were trialed simultaneously in the harshest area of the Steggles plant. With the competitive hose showings signs of wear and tear after approximately 4 months (its average service life) the Terminator hose was showing no signs of wear even after 5 months. With the current look of the Terminator hose it is envisaged that it will at least double the service life of the current hose (8 months) and should make the 12 month mark.

The Savings:

Steggles did not disclose the purchase cost of their current hose to CBC but stated that Terminator was less expensive per meter. Even if they were the same cost price, Gates and CBC will have halved the cost of Steggles hose usage at our worst projected life of 8 months. Each hose (not counting tails clamps etc) is around $300 to replace at the Terminator value. At twice the life and with 15 hose assemblies in operation Steggles will at least save $4,500 on their washdown hose bill each year and up to $9,000 if the Terminator hose life reaches 12 months as it is expected too. Also with lower usage on the hose Steggles can reduce inventory for hose replacement.

The Final Wash-up.

While Terminator® was designed for the rigors of the mining and quarry industries, the heavy duty construction, abrasion resistant cover and nitrile inner and outer tubes make it a most versatile multi purpose hose with dozens of applications in dozens of industries.