Gates MegaSys® Engineered Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Provide Superior Performance in all Industries

Supplier: Gates Australia
28 May, 2019

The importance of a 'matched' hydraulic hose and coupling system can't be understated for long-lasting and reliable hydraulic applications.

Gates achieves the requirements of high-powered, high-pressure hydraulics with its MegaSys line of engineered and matched hydraulic hose and couplings. As part of an integrated solution, the MegaSys products offer peak performance and flexibility with enhanced durability

Gates MegaSys spiral-wire hose is constructed of up to six alternating layers of spiralled, high tensile steel, designed and tested to an industry-leading 1 million impulse cycles with working temperatures of -40°C to +121°C.

Gates MegaSys wire-braid constant pressure hose is constructed of up to two braids of high-tensile steel wire, designed and tested to an industry-leading 600,000 impulse cycles with a working temperature of -40°C to +100°C.

Gates MegaSys hoses utilise a synthetic rubber nitrile tube that is compatible with biodegradable hydraulic fluids and are available with Gates abrasion resistant XtraTuff cover (25 times abrasion resistance over stranded covers) or MegaTuff cover (300 times abrasion resistance over standard covers) for extra reliability and safety.

Gates MegaSys hoses have colour-coded lay lines and pressure ratings through all sizes, making the hoses easier to identify in stock and in service while reducing inventory requirements. The lay line indicates hose trade name, size and pressure; SAE, EN or DIN standard; and US MSHA flame resistance compliance.

It is important when selecting hydraulic hose and couplings that the hose and couplings have been engineered and designed to work together, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. Mixing and matching of different hydraulic hoses and couplings can lead to reduced lifespan and susceptibility to breakdown, which not only costs time and money but can be a major safety factor.

Gates engineered coupling designs are available as Gates MegaCrimp coupling for one- and two-wire braid hydraulic hoses and Gates GlobalSpiral™ couplings for all Gates MegaSys four- and six-spiral wire hoses up to 8,000 psi. Corrosion-resistant TuffCoat plating is standard on both couplings.

Gates MegaSys maximise equipment “up-time” by:

  • Simplifying hose selection
  • Increasing service life
  • Easing installation and routing with superior bend radius (1/3 SAE bend radius)
  • Lowering inventory requirements
  • Extending life in bending, flexing applications
  • Reducing costs by as much as 64 percent

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