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Gator Drum Management system - By Justrite

Supplier: R.J. Cox Engineering

UV protected polyethylene construction makes this gator drum management system from Justrite a good choice for any industry. The system adheres to safety and environmental protection requirements.

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  • Justrite Gator Drum Management System design accommodates either 60 or 205 litre drums of flammables and combustibles liquids.
  • Space-saving design is also ideal for storage of non-hazardous liquids.
  • UV protected polyethylene construction provides maximum chemical compatibility and resistance – preventing corrosion and deterioration, assuring a long lifetime of service.
  • Moulded-in drum lock channels hold drums in place.
  • Optional strapping can be slipped through hold-down slots for additional safety or transport by forklift.
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The system consists of three modules: base, stack and dispensing shelf.

The Base Module is the key component of the system. It is designed to accommodate two drums with a load capacity of 675Kg. in total. The dispensing well conveniently holds either 20 Litre
safety cans or 20 Litre pails. Forklift channels facilitate relocation within the plant. The system’s generous 205 litres "open view" spill containment sump is located in the module. Spills, even drips
of hazardous chemicals, are easy to spot and quickly cleaned up with this wide open design.

The Stack Module doubles system capacity holding two additional drums. Load capacity is 675Kg. When storing both 205 or 60 litre drums the smaller drums should be placed on top, in this
stack module. Do not mix lower drum sizes when double stacking.

The Dispensing Shelf with a load capacity of 25Kg., mounts securely to the stack module for convenience in dispensing from the upper level.

Leading the Advancement of Safety OPEN VIEW Sump For safe, effective cleanup of spills, only Gator offers a unique OPEN VIEW sump design. Whereas others hide dangerous spills within the walls of the unit itself, Gator makes spill detection as easy as a simple glance

Justrite Gator Spill Containment Caddy (not pictured)

Spill Containment Caddy's offers you convenient handling and dispensing of hazardous chemicals with complete assurance of compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations.

  • Ideal choice for managing either 205 or 60 Litre drums
  • Nylon strap holds drum securely in place.
  • Drum Management - Transport up to 275Kg.
  • Loads easily and safely, minimising back strain and injuries.
  • Ergonomically designed for tipping, with back kickplate positioned to assure weight is not absorbed by the spinal column.
  • Big rounded handles accommodate heavy work gloves for comfortable gripping.
  • Large 25.4cm wheels roll easily over shop floors.

Spill Control - Should a spill occur, or even if the drum leaks or splits a seam, the oversized 250 Litres spill sump will contain the chemical eliminating both the hazards and hassles of a chemical
spill in your facility.

Exclusive OPEN VIEW sump design makes clean-up simple and quick. One piece double-walled body adds strength and eliminates leaks. Spills are contained within unit, not between walls as in similar products.

Chemical Resistance - Gator protected polyethylene construction provides maximum chemical compatibility and resistance preventing corrosion and deterioration, assuring a long lifetime of service.

Outdoor Caddy offers all the convenience and protection described above with the additional advantages of pneumatic tires. The outdoor caddy moves smoothly and steadily over rough, bumpy terrain.

Justrite Drum Collection Centres

  • Rugged polyethylene with UV protection.
  • Dark gray colors hides dirt.
  • Single and double drum models.
  • Forkliftable for easy relocation.
  • Large opening for easy loading and unloading.
  • Sump capacities exceed EPA requirements.
  • #28250 includes security lock to keep covers closed and contents secured.
  • Single and Double Drum Collection Centers Provide safe,effective and economical spill control for 208 Litre drums

Models Available
Justrite 28250 Double Drum Collection Centre
Justrite 28255 Double Drum Collection Base
Justrite 28268 Single Drum Collection Base  
These rugged drum collection centers are made of all-weather, chemical-resistant Gator-Tuff polyethylene that will stand up to the harshest environments, and theyíre designed to be forkliftable for easy relocation. 

Gator 28268 Single Drum Collection Center

Single Drum Collection Centre has a large-diameter opening in the top, so loading a drum is fast and easy. It is ideal for storing, pumping or collecting liquids, and its compact size makes it the perfect choice when space is limited. Empty bases nest for convenient storage. 

Gator 28250 Double Drum Collection Center

Double Drum Collection Centre accommodates two 208 Litre drums, and it is ready to contain
any accidental spills. Dual covers can be opened separately to provide convenient access to either drum, or they can be closed together and locked to prevent unauthorised access (lock included).
The base can be used as an indoor pumping station.

Get the Double Drum Collection Center with the covers and lock, or get just the base. Both collection centers are fully compliant; each unit's sump capacity meets EPA requirements.

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