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Geared motors ensure turnaround at Frankfurt's Hub Airport

Supplier: NORD Drivesystems
31 August, 2012

Frankfurt Airport is expecting a steep rise in the volume of both freight and passenger traffic. Accordingly, the capacity is being enlarged.

 The new northwest runway has just become operational, a new terminal is in the planning stage, and in August 2012 the new A-Plus pier will be opened – increasing the number of A380 mega-liners that can be processed simultaneously. In order to keep luggage-loading time under 45 minutes even in the face of more air traffic and tightened security measures, efficient and highly reliable handling technology is required.

The extensive baggage handling system at the new pier, supplied by the BEUMER Group, is driven by geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.

Until now, only a limited number of wide-bodied aircraft have been used internationally, but they have been established as a ground-breaking innovation in civil aviation.

A380s offer more seating and cargo space than any other commercial aircraft and they perfectly suit long-distance flights. They will therefore be the transport method of choice in the future. Airports with the necessary infrastructure in place will clearly hold the advantage.

Fast baggage handling facility for terminal expansion

Frankfurt Airport currently serves up to ten wide-bodied aircraft simultaneously. The new A-Plus pier will increase this number by seven and alternatively provide enough space for processing several smaller aircraft. The intra-logistics supplier BEUMER is currently constructing the new luggage conveyor system which is more than seven kilometres long and will be connected to the existing system in 2012.

The conveyor transport technology must not only be 100 per cent available, it must also be capable of reliably taking the pieces of luggage to the correct destination in less than 45 minutes. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has installed over 1,700 geared motors in the extensive system with nearly 2,000 conveyor elements and over 100 junctions.

Working together with the operator Fraport AG and BEUMER, the drive manufacturer has optimised the drives for reliable and energy-saving operation. The engineering calculations were verified through measurements taken at the facility. Due to the new design and construction, smaller drives can be used at many points, leading to lower installation and operating costs.

At the same time, drive sizes have been harmonised as far as possible and the number of models in use has been reduced in order to improve logistics and reduce the spares inventory, thereby improving cost-efficiency. Easy maintenance and repair is also ensured: the interchangeable drive units are attached with just a few screws and a single electrical connector, and can be replaced in the shortest possible time.

"For this project, NORD put together a team of sales, engineering, and logistics staff who were always available to us and quickly answered our concerns", says Klaus Ruhe, Project Manager at BEUMER. "The requirements concerning the logistics of the airport were responded to precisely and with flexibility."

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