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Gel Anti Vibration Mat For Lab Equipment

Supplier: Gelmec Pty Ltd

High Damping Gel mat for isolating lab equipment and other precision equipment like high end scanners. Provides table top damping and isolation.

Price Guide: POA

A Portable Low Cost Table Top Anti Vibration Solution

Ideal for Sensitive Equipment like centrifuges, test and measurement equipment, sensors, scales, high end scanners

Low Resonance Magnification

  • Divide for Light Load, Add for Heavy Load.
  • Simply Insert Under or Between Loads.
  • Stable with Least Horizontal Deflection
  • 100m * 100m
  • Available in 4 load ratings.

High damping silicone gel mat for table-top vibration and shock isolation. Ideal for protecting lab equipment, servers and precision instruments from knocks & vibrations. This soft gel absorbs micro and low frequency vibrations not eliminated by rubbers and other damping materials.

The gel also absorbs shocks and is soft enough to have enough warp for high damping and shock absorbing performance. Outstanding shock absorption characteristics by means of dispersing impact three dimensionally due to its unique molecular structure. Low investment product to support quality and control environments.

Low temperature dependency with stable performance from -40°C up to 200°C. Performs in any weather. Excellent chemical resistance. Low compression set with performance staying the same even after repeated use. Contains nothing harmful. Environment friendly.

Toxic free when burned.Low resonance magnification, stable with least horizontal deflection. Four sheet types for loads from 0.5kg - 80kgs. Very low compression set after repeated use. Usable outside, weather and ozone resistant. Set up to stabalise subject gravity and to distribute load evenly on each projection. Flat plate is recommended for distributing load evenly. Peel off PET film before use.

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