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Genie focuses on 'adding value' to customers' app experiences

Supplier: Genie
20 February, 2013

The big conversation that marketing professionals are obsessing over right now has slowly morphed from social media to mobile.

It is partially because social media is better understood now but it's also because mobile is the shiny new toy that everyone is trying to figure out. We have seen incredible inroads that mobile traffic is making up a larger and larger portion of web traffic. Mobile traffic to websites has doubled across the year alone in 2011.
Recent data suggests that the average user has well over 50 Apps installed on their smartphones – so it is a great time to be an App developer, there's lots of customers. But just because it's popular doesn’t mean that it makes good business sense to chase the cart with everyone else.
Instead, we're focused only on creating tools that add value to the customers' experience of doing business with us.
So anything that saves time, cuts red-tape, gives you an answer quicker, enables you to make a decision quicker, gets your customers to your quicker – is worthwhile for us. And to this end, we're pleased to announce the Genie App is now available - search for Genie Go in the iTunes App Store.