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Glass fibre has generally been used in the abrasives industry as backing for flap discs; however there are some key disadvantages that come with using glass fibre backing.

  • Brittle and not elastic
  • Difficult to trim (as shown below our discs are able to prolong service life with the ability to trim)
  • High energy consumption for production which pollutes the environment

However, to avoid the use of glass fibre flap discs. Look for environmentally friendly discs, 111 Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd can assist as all their flap disc backings are glass fibre free, this provides much more advantages. (Above shows the different backings of our flap discs.)

The advantages of a natural or ABS food grade plastic backing are the following:

  • High strength and low weight
  • Elastic to allow better adjustment to the work piece (as shown below)
  • Cooler grinding due to cooling agents
  • Self-trimming, easy to trim without harmful emissions.
  • Sustainable products
  • Environmentally friendly natural fibres

ABS plastic backing plates are made of food grade special ABS plastic and are free of mineral fibres and glass fibres.

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