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Giant reel for the resources sector

Supplier: ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels
11 June, 2013

ReCoila completed production of a massive fully enclosed stainless steel reel which is being installed on board a ship that services offshore platforms.

Our high profile gas exploration and production client is using this reel to hold 80 metres of 38mm ID floating hose which will transfer a corrosion inhibitor to bulk storage tanks on board the platform. This corrosion inhibitor is ultimately injected into the pipe work of the offshore platform to form a protective barrier.
The substance is formulated to adhere to the internal walls of pipes, helping to combat corrosion issues at sea. Due to the extreme weather conditions this reel would be exposed to on deck, our team had to engineer a reel that could withstand corrosion, extreme pitch and roll dynamics up to 2 G's, dry break safety couplings in the event of an accident, and be able to be serviced at sea.
The reel comprises a completely enclosed 316 stainless steel frame encasing a reel that holds 80m of 1 1/2" hose. The hose needed to break apart safely without becoming entangled inside the reel and minimise spilled fluid, we also needed to add an emergency release system that would eject the hose if needed, this required a secondary hydraulic fluid path to be engineered within the main fluid path and drive axel. QA reporting and documentation was provided as well as a range of test results including load testing, special welding requirements and more.
Our client's high expectations made this a challenging yet rewarding build, and represents another complicated fluid handling problem solved by the ReCoila team.

This is one of many examples of our custom build solutions, for more information, please contact us.