Glass handling and installations in Port Macquarie

Supplier: Oktopus Australia
20 September, 2018

As the trends in commercial construction projects include more and larger glass panel components, the need to handle these panels in an efficient, cost effective, and safe way has created a growing demand for well designed and flexible vacuum lifting systems.

At Oktopus Australia, we have recognised that industry requirement and today we are the exclusive distributor for vacuum lifting equipment. All of our product lines are manufactured by Wirth – GMBH in Germany. They are recognised as the world leader in design and manufacture of vacuum glass lifters. For the construction industry and commercial contractors, we maintain a wide range of lifting equipment. If we don’t have the specific vacuum lifting equipment device that you need, we will work with Wirth – GMBH to get the right equipment for your special needs.

The concept of using air pressure or lack of it, to assist in handling heavy objects has been around for a long time. In the 1600’s a German engineer, Otto von Guericke, pumped the air out of two halves of a sphere making it impossible for a team of 16 horses to pull it apart. Actual application of this concept didn’t gain wide use until the 1950’s when vacuum lifting equipment came on the scene at construction sites. While Oktopus Australia hasn’t been around since the 1600’s we have been in business in Australia long enough to have established ourselves as the number one distributor of vacuum glass handling equipment in Australia. Our trained professional staff is available to support our products in any state or territory of Australia.