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Global Coils Pty Ltd

Global Coils Pty Ltd | High Voltage Coil Manufacturer

Global Coils Pty Ltd

Global Coils has the distinction of being the only independent coil manufacturer in Australia as well as the only high voltage coil manufacturer in the state of New South Wales.

This independence allows us to supply to motor repair shops that do not have coil making capability. This enables them to compete on machine overhauls with companies that manufacture their own coils in-house.

We manufacture all types of form wound coils for rotating machines at voltages up to 13,800 volts. Coil types include armature, field and interpole coils for DC and traction motors, as well as stator coils and rotor bars for high and low voltage machines.

We have vast experience in remanufacturing coils to OEM specifications, or redesigning to exceed the original specification.

We also offer a variety of insulation systems to suit any application. These systems can be customised to meet specific performance and customer criteria.

Designed to be robust and user friendly our coils have a reputation for time and cost savings gained through reduced winding times.

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At Global Coils our aim is to work closely with customers to provide speedy, cost effective and long term solutions to rotating equipment reliability.

From low to high voltage, small to large, whether it is one or one thousand coils, we have the capability to manufacture any type or quantity of rotating machine coil.

We believe our coils are second to none - from materials, design, construction to insertion, our coils will provide long term durability and cost effectiveness

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