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Global Lifting

Global Lifting | Lifting equipments,Steel ropes,Fittings

Global Lifting

All-Rig is an active supplier of Lifting and Rigging supplies in the Asia - Pacific region. With a Satellite office in Indonesia, we are well placed to provide a quality products and services to the Region.

Mining and Construction Industry
All-Rig offers a full range of onsite or in house services to the Mining & Construction Industry .
Our onsite service is second to none ,including onsite repairs , crane re-roping & lifting equipment inspecting and certification .We also offer a range of onsite testing by means of three telemetric load cells a 5t ,20t & 50t .All load cells are calibrated regularly for the truest readings
In house services include servicing and repairing of lifting equipment and testing via our 60t horizontal test bed and 6t vertical testing tower for hoists etc .

Fishing Industry
All-Rig also offers supplies for the fishing industry
Being located on the river front gives us direct access to all fishing vessels from our wharf .We also have the ability to fit fishing ropes via our onsite splicing service.What ever you need for your fishing trawler we have it .
We use only the highest quality fishing wire rope giving a higher working load and a longer service life through One Steel Ropes double galvanizing process.
All-Rig also has a huge range of stainless steel ropes and fittings and chain as well as the commercial range of galvanised shackles and chains.

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Global Lifting Group is an organisation formed to enhance the local and international capabilities of its members. The Group operates national outlets in Melbourne, Townsville, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane and Wollongong.
General Sales: - All-Rig has off the street sales and service to customers needing rigging , fishing , mining or general hardware fittings 6 days a week .

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