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Supplier: Intercast & Forge
25 November, 2008

With a massive capacity of 77,000-ton per annum, thanks to our four Disamatic vertical moulding machines, and a 2,200-ton per annum cold/warm forging facility, Intercast & Forge is a genuine global supplier.

We service customers who require not just large production capabilities but also the highest quality product possible, with the flexibility to deliver as their needs evolve.

Our manufacturing capacity is used to produce complex products for the global automotive, rail and industrial markets, in a wide range of metal grades.

Environmentally Responsible: inside and out

Evidence of our innovation and quality is found on the shop floor and the immediate outdoor environment. We essentially operate a "smokeless" foundry, gaining recognition from policy makers, employees and surrounding businesses for a commitment to operate not just an advanced foundry, but also an environmentally responsible one.

You won't be tied down to dogmatic production runs

To keep pace with your requirements, our highly responsive production team employ the latest in scheduling technology, allowing us to maximise the flexibility of our automated casting lines. When needed, we can rapidly switch from one production run to another and if required o -ck again in the same day.

Limit your risk; increase peace of mind

With two major plants, serviced by two major Ports, you have built in redundancy, in terms of plants, logistics and the massive capacity of 4 DISA's. In case of unforseen downtime with machines or other events, your order will still be fulfilled and delivered.

Production parameters

  • Ductile and Grey iron
  • Iron grades: AS, DIN, ASTM, JIS, BS & SAE.
  • Mould sizes up to 25 x 33 inches (650mm x 850mm)
  • Maximum casting weight produced is 88 lbs (40 Kilograms)


  • Environmental:
    • AS/NZS ISO 14001 : 2004
  • Quality
    • AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2000
    • ISO/TS16949: 2002

For global supply, capacity is the key Two extensive and modern facilities house a community of dedicated professionals, using cutting edge production technology.

Opportunity to work with world-class experts, supported by leading-edge technology

What would it mean for your business to save a couple of kilograms of weight per component? Or the overall strength and durability improved on by 10 to 15% before production commences? These are the sort of questions we ask ourselves when helping customers to produce the best possible final product.

Our development team use the latest CAD/CAM and casting simulation software (Magmasoft) to provide support for each customer's design engineering team, in order to optimise the design and tooling for a new product. This ensures products meet close tolerance requirements while still conforming to quality and cost specifications. For every product quality, capability and process reliability is "built-in" during development to ensure consistent quality across all production batches.

Intercast & Forge laboratories

Supporting our dedication to world-class quality is a state-of- the-art laboratory equipped with MeltLab, a computerised Thermal Analysis System, Spectrometer, Instron Tensile tester and Stereo & Metallurgical microscopes. Each and every production run is batch tested to ensure a consistently high standard across the board.

In short, nothing is left to chance in our pursuit to deliver world-class ideas, backed by the quality you would expect from the leader in iron casting and forging.

Design, production, metallurgical know-how and testing capabilities are brought together to guarantee absolute integrity for the large volume production of safety critical components and to satisfy the most demanding specifications.