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Godex Desktop Barcode Label Printers

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Godex EZ-1000 Series of Desktop barcode printers

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As the printer market develops and grows, there is an increasing need for specialist printing devices, often somewhat out of the mainstream of printer products.

Because of its uniqueness and dedication to a specific task such a printer can transform the productivity of a particular job or business using it. Finding such solutions can be a valuable activity.

Godex as a manufacturer of Thermal Printer's has taken on the role of problem solver for the industry with its range of specialist printers and solutions aimed at meeting those with more demanding or unusual printing requirements.

Godex printers are technologically advanced and sophisticated in application, yet easy for the supplier and customer to set up and use.

Built-in USB Interface Cutter Module

The Godex EZ1000 Series offers the USB port as well as parallel and serial interfaces. With the cutting edge design functionality, the process of data transmission is not a long wait, but an enjoyable experience.

Tired of tearing off the label / paper manually? EZ-1000 Series offers the automatic modular cutting device, saving you the option to simplify tasks at hand.

Stripper Module Flash Memory and Real Time Clock

With the stripper module - just print and stick, the EZ-1000 Series comes with efficiency and effectiveness that you are looking for. Having a hard time and limited space loading more fonts and label designs?

The Godex EZ-1000 Series offers the flash memory combined with Real Time Clock that gives you the ability to upgrade and bring the Printer onto another level.

300M Ribbon and 5' OD Label Roll Capacity Moveable sensor

EZ-1000 Series is able to accept 300M of ribbon in length and label roll up to 5' OD. This saves you time and trouble for media replacement.

With this moveable sensor, you can easily detect a variety of labels, such as black mark labels, punch hole labels, and labels with a wide range of gap positions.

EZ- 1000 Series High Efficiency Desktop Printers

Small compact design options to fit your requirements, including 'EZ Fit' Stripper, Cutter and Additional Memory.

EZ Connectivity

EZ-1000 Godex series of printers come with the following connections as standard 'Serial, Parallel and USB' and if you require networking capability, then just add the optional 'EZ-Ethernet' connection board.

A compact design to fit in your environment, the printer comes with the functionality for both Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer modes built in as standard.

EZ Fit Options of Godex Desktop Barcode Label Printers

A range of expandable options to fit your requirement, including EZ Fit stripper, Cutter and additional memory.

  • EZ-1200/EZ-1300 specifications
  • Resolution: 203dpi/300dpi
  • Easy interface & Easy operation
  • High printing speed up to 6ips
  • 300M Ribbon Length
  • Print head temperature control
  • Powerful hardware and firmware support
  • Multi-functional optional accessories
  • Transparent media window for label status checking
  • Moveable sensor

Godex EZ-2000 Series of Barcode Printers

The EZ-2000 series has a unique print head locking mechanism which when engaged locks the print head firmly against the platen providing a firm platform for quality label printing.

When the print head lever is in the open position you can gain easy access for the quick installation of media.

Ribbon Installation of Godex Desktop Barcode Label Printers

The ribbon lever mechanism allows for the usage of ribbon with Ink outside The ribbon lever mechanism allows for the usage of ribbon with Ink inside. Excellent Connectivity Large Graphic LCD

With PS2(1)/USB(2)/Parallel(3) and Serial(4) interfaces as Standard, the EZ-2000 Series fits into different user environments.

The large graphic LCD is capable of displaying graphics or text, giving the user clear and easy understandable messages, and also allows the distributor the option of displaying customized information

Heavy duty, High performance

A label printer suitable for large volume printing requirements in industrial applications.

With robust metal outer casing and inner mechanism, the EZ-2200 is designed to be durable, tough and reliable, even in the harshest environments

Large Graphic LCD

Besides providing complete printer status, you can insert contact details onto the printer, so upon ribbon out or label out, the printer automatically displays service information for the end users.

State of the art Mechanism Design

With patented print head locking structure and design, media is firmly positioned while in operation, Printing accuracy is guaranteed.

Ribbon Length up to 450Mtrs and with Ink Inside/Outside ribbon capacity suitable for large volume printing requirements in industrial applications.

The Godex printers are designed for thermal ribbon types of both ink inside and ink outside, making more flexibility in thermal ribbon type selections.

Built-in USB Interface

Beside the USB interface, the Godex EZ-2000 series comes with standard serial, parallel and PS2 ports, offering various PC connection options.

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