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Good quality concrete can be made in half the time for low cost

Supplier: TEK Industry Australia
06 February, 2009

IndustrySearch recently spoke to Voula Karidis, the proprietor of T.E.K. Industry Australia, about the philosophy and purpose behind her company, which provides good quality concrete to the construction and mining industry.

The company was registered in June of 2007 as T.E.K. Industry Australia and began trading in September 2007 in Australia.

Tek Industries Greece is the parent company and Voula Karidis represents the whole of Australasia and New Zealand, with her team, on behalf of the company. Karidis says that the parent company is one of the biggest industrial and steel companies in Europe. The main product -  the TEKMIX6000 - is manufactured overseas for export to Australia.  

Karidis is very proud of what she has achieved for the company in Australia in a small space of time. "Once it was up and running I managed to send out hundreds of letters to prospective companies. Together with a few colleagues, we created the website:, which went live in March 2008, creating even  more awareness. That was a huge step because I created more interest in a relatively short time.”

Cost effective services

Her company's aims and objectives are to bring awareness to major corporations that good quality concrete can be made in half the time. She also wants to assure  potential clients that the product can also be a very cost effective option, thanks to it being a very unique machine.

Karidis adds that the company's aims and objectives are to offer something that is  very different within the construction and mining industries.

"We are always very honest and straight forward about the product. I believe that service is a strong key quality and we pay strong attention to this too. I not only provide them with quotes for the TEKMIX6000, I also provide extra services, such as finding out the transportation costs (C&F). This way, half their work is already done for them. After that, all they need to do is see if the cost of the machine is feasible to their needs.

"On many occasions, I have found that project managers are very keen to use the machine, but the accounts people view it as being too expensive. However, the project managers can see that it will save the company work and money in the long run because they are more in touch with the ground running. One of the challenges involves convincing those accounts people that it produces concrete in less time, so therefore costs less money when you look at the expense involved in the long run. In reality, the money is really worth it. With the TEKMIX6000, people are able to make their concrete onsite to avoid unnecessary costs.”

She adds that the machine can create and programme any amount of concrete produced and it can be done the night before, so you can just walk in the next morning and press 'start'.

Operational qualities

“Another feature is that it takes only one person to operate it and two to set up. The ability of the TEKMIX6000 is such that you can drive it onsite, set it up and begin adding your aggregates to make your concrete without having it dry up when originally transported in trucks, such as 'Hansen and Boral' from plants in other areas."

A few companies require this type of machinery because in remote areas, such as Kopi in Papua New Guinea, they need to construct bridges in a short time span. This  specialised piece of equipment has its own inbuilt generator, so you do not need to worry about any local power supplies, which is ideal for these conditions.

"A lot of time and money has been spent on making sure this machine is one of the best of its kind around," adds Karidis. "Even though there have been other machines similar to it out available in the market place, its delay into the construction and machinery industry means that the manufacturers have spent a lot of time perfecting the  product."
Apart from also being able to making plaster; it is essentially a machine that makes concrete and basically any type of concrete.

"I believe in this industry there are 'recipes' of concrete production and those different types of aggregates that are used to make a variety of types of mixtures for different types of construction, such as: buildings, bridges, roadways, dams, and so on. Again, this is where our machine can be very useful with seeing these jobs through. It is aimed at companies like Leighton Contractors, John Holland Groups, McConnell and Dowell, concrete companies, companies that sell and lease machinery and tender companies that require machinery for different types of jobs tendered. It is also aimed at mining/construction and civil engineering industries that require heavy machinery for their concrete based projects.
Cuts the workload by half

The company prides itself on trying to eliminate the process by doing everything onsite. Therefore, in laying the concrete as soon as it is made, the production time can be cut in half.

“If people choose not to use the TEKMIX6000, they could miss out on an opportunity that might turn around their company for the better. Of course, Karidis adds that she likes the challenge of being involved in a male orientated world. "
As for her plans for 2009, she aims to bring onboard someone with plenty of experience, knowledge and make more connections with the right companies. She also wants to find a way to have the product manufactured in Australia, to eliminate the C&F charges and any other import taxes/duties involved.

"At the moment, we offer people who buy the product from abroad one free return airfare and two nights accommodation when they travel to view the machine in full production. But in the future, I want to make it Australian owned and produced. Additionally, I want to establish an excellent reputation for the TEKMIX6000 and its quality of machinery used to make concrete.

To contact Ms Karidis, please refer to our website or via; the contact and email details are there.