Gorbel workstation crane cuts down operating time

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

A manufacturer of Diesel Engines for Industrial Generators.

The engines enter the factory on skids and are then fitted with all of the external components and assemblies. Weighing between 40-100kgs; these components are taken from storage; which is kept along the edge of the workshop and walked over to the engine block. They are then positioned and bolted into place on the engine.

The Problem
Gantires and manual force were the only forms of moving the parts around the workshop which was a very slow and cumbersome process for the operators; also a common cause of injury. Positioning these parts accurately on the engine proved to be a major challenge.

Product Chosen
A free standing Gorbel Work Station Crane with 3 Bridges; 2 G-Forces and a hoist:

  • Bridge 1: has a 70kg G-Force with float mode and is used to install smaller components
  • Bridge 2: has a 170kg G-Force® with float mode and is used to install larger, heavier cooling packages to the engines
  • Bridge 3: has a hoist and is used for joining the transmissions together (where applicable)

Benefits of this product

The G-Force system has drastically cut down time on the assembly of the engine. Previously, this process would take operators a total of one hour to install the cooling package; but now only takes them five minutes.

The ease of operation and the decrease risk of causing injury has created less stress for the employer and employees.