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Government Incentives - Solar

Supplier: Solaray

There are currently two major government incentives for small (residential and commercial) solar power systems.

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Government Incentives - Solar

These government incentives are available to eligible installations (which is almost all domestic and most small commercial sites) and are designed to reduce the cost of installing a Solar Power System as well as provide an ongoing rebate for any power generated.

These government incentives fall into two areas: Renewable Energy Certificates (to assist with the initial cost) and Feed-in-Tariffs (for the ongoing electricity your system generates).

Please contact us and discuss the current rebate schemes with your Solaray consultant today.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

When you install a Solaray Solar Power Solution, you are eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) under the Australian Government Solar Credit Scheme. These REC's can then be sold at a market rate.

The Federal Government administers the creation of the RECs. At the moment, for a Solar Power System up to 1.5kw, the government allocates 5 x REC's for every one that would normally be created - in other words if you buy a Solar System today, you receive 5 times the potential rebate.

For example, a Solaray 1.5kW Solar Power Solution installed in the Sydney Metropolitan area, would currently receive a REC allocation of 155 REC's. These have recently been traded at between $30 and $40 each - meaning you would receive a rebate or discount of between $4,650 and $6200.

Of course, Solaray takes care of all the paperwork necessary to claim the full REC rebate for you.

Feed in Tariffs

Feed-in-Tariffs are provided in all states of Australia, with varying rates depending on which state you are in .

These Tariffs are provided as a discount off your bill or as a cash rebate.

There are two types of Feed-in-Tariff:

1) A Gross Feed-in-Tariff where all power generated by your system is fed back into the grid and the customer receives a payment from the electricity supplier; or

2) A Net Feed-in-Tariff where power generated is first fed into the premises and any excess is then fed back to the grid.

For details of Feed-in-Tariffs by State, please Contact Us.

Your Solaray Consultant will be happy to discuss with you potential rebates, your current electricity usage and how installing a Solar Power System makes financial sense.