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Govt's electrical licensing regime 'compromises safety'

16 August, 2013

Master Electricians Australia has slammed the federal government for a sham consultation with industry, saying the flawed national licensing regime for electrical contractors seemed likely to go ahead.

Malcolm Richards, Master Electricians Australia chief executive, said the government had agreed to consultations with industry following safety concerns raised over its proposed licensing regime.

"Despite agreeing to a consultation with industry, the federal government has disregarded industry warnings raised during the consultation and seems determined to press ahead with its flawed electrical licensing regime," Richards said.

"We have expressed serious concerns about the reduction of safety and standards for the electrical industry should the scheme be implemented, but these concerns are simply not being listened to by the federal bureaucrats in charge of the process.

"Once again, industry's views have been deliberately sidelined during a sham consultation and completely ignored."

Richards said if implemented, the scheme would result in lives lost as a result of compromised electrical safety.

"If this scheme is implemented, the bar for businesses looking to move into the electrical contracting space across the country is greatly lowered," he said.

"It dumps long-standing safety and quality protections and increases the very real risk of accidents and deaths in homes and workplaces in the state.

"Contractor organisations, the union and skills bodies who have worked on the scheme for the past three years can no longer continue to support it and we urge the federal government to abandon the national licensing proposal altogether.

"After the tragic fatalities that occurred during the Home Insulation Program, we believe this scheme should be dumped as a matter of urgency before more lives are lost unnecessarily."

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Jv | Friday, August 30, 2013, 8:35 PM
I said the same thing ,just after reading the credentials of the board There is not one trades person! As long as we filled the paperwork out we're "safe". I do support an national system but not in this way .