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GP2000 Series Programmable Operator Interface

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With the speed of business increasing day by day, companies around the world are striving to communicate faster and more effectively.

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As a result, leading-edge information technology (IT) is fast becoming an essential tool for the rapid, well-informed decision making required for companies to respond to ever-changing customer needs.

The new GP2000 Series Programmable Operator Interface allows you to share a wide range of production information throughout your company in real-time. This shared base of technical data ensures a rapid response to customer requests, supports on-time delivery management, and maximizes overall business efficiency. Furthermore, the GP2000 serves as a factory automation gateway that supports your global business needs via the Internet.

Features of the GP2000 Series Programmable Operator Interface

Send Your Production Data Anywhere

to a Host PC via the GP, and then to the World via the Internet


Collect Data to Standard PC Applications
The Pro-Server with Pro-Studio software allows a host PC to collect PLC data via a GP to common applications such as Microsoft Excel or Access database, where you can easily process the data for production and quality control.

Ethernet Connectivity Enables Quick and Accurate Logging of Data from the Factory Floor
The Pro-Server's "Action" features support data communication over an Ethernet network without the need for time-consuming programming or complex settings. PLC production data can be regularly collected to a host PC for analysis, and used in a wide range of applications.

Download Screen and Setup Data from your PC to the GP2000 via an Ethernet Network
Use a high-speed Ethernet network to quickly download setup and screen data from your PC to a GP. The data transfer rate is four to six times faster than with a serial cable, which speeds up GP data maintenance and improves your work efficiency.

* Multiple GP2000 Series units connected to an Ethernet network can be easily set up via a single PC in sequence.


Bring the advantages of the Internet to your GP2000 applications
GP-Web enables remote monitoring of factory floor data anytime and anywhere, without programming!

Access a wide variety of vital production data from a remote location.

Create data monitoring screens — without special programming.

Monitor production conditions anytime, anywhere.

Slashes maintenance costs for domestic and overseas manufacturing sites located in remote areas.

Use the Internet or your Intranet to monitor world-wide production in real time.

An internet browser is the only tool required for remote monitoring.

User-Friendly Features
Multimedia and Data Handling Enhance Your Communication Ability


Install a Video/VGA Monitoring System and Easily View Distant Areas Using up to 4 Sub-Screens
Connect up to four video cameras, and a PC to a GP2000 and monitor separate areas simultaneously on up to 4 screens. While monitoring remote areas, you can also operate your equipment from the same GP.
* Available only with GP-2600T and GP-2500T units.
** 4 simultaneous video window display and other functions require GP-PRO/PB III V5.05 or greater.

Data Storage

Use the Built-in CF Card Interface to Store Screen or Logging Data
The CF Card used with the GP2000 requires no battery to retain stored data. Easily back up various types of data, including logging, filing and screen data.

Use a CF Card to Quickly Set Up Your GP in Offline Mode and to Update Screen Data
Save GP2000 system data on a CF Card and quickly set up a GP2000 in Offline mode. In addition, the CF Card speeds up screen data updates by eliminating the need for repeatedly downloading new data from your PC to the GP.

High-Capacity Two-Dimensional Code Reader Compatibility
The GP2000 is compatible with two-dimensional code readers. These new code formats can handle from 84 to 1000 times more data than a conventional bar-code.

Sound Interface Provides Audio Output
Alert an operator of an alarm or status change via an audio message.

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