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Graffiti Removal - Without hot water

Supplier: Cold Mist Cooling Australia

Blasting with Bicarb Soda A new way to clean, depaint and degrease that is environmentally friendly.

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Graffiti Removal - Without hot water

The use of non-toxic, water soluble Bicarb Soda as a depainting and cleaning media, is very successful. Delivered under pressure using compressed air and AccustripTM soda blasting equipment, this environmentally friendly system is ideal for industrial cleaning, architectural cleaning, graffiti removal, one step clean and deodorising after fire and smoke damage, paint removal and food processing area cleaning.

Bicarb Soda Cleaning works on impact, not through a chemical reaction, such that the baking soda physically removes coatings and soiling from the substrate.

Paint, grease and grime removed from heavy housing without shutting down equipment.
Perfect for inspection cleaning.
No masking of glass required when depainting vehicles with ARMEXTM Bicarb Soda!