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Graham Group - Galintel Steel Building Materials

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Galintel Pty Ltd is Australia's foremost manufacturer of proprietary lintel bars. The specialised steel building materials include; flatbar, angles, 'T' Bar and Rendabar, used to support brickwork above clear openings.

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The products are available in standard lengths to suit most applications and are designed for use in the domestic and light commercial building markets.

The innovative design of Galintel products enable weight savings of up to 40% while maintaining strength, structural rigidity and load bearing capacity. Galintel products are fully hot dipped galvanised to Australian standards.

All the products have CSIRO Building Products & Systems Appraisal (Technical Assessment 148) approval and comply to requirements set out in the Building Code of Australia.

Solid base galintels

Galintels are the successful result of very extensive research to produce a cost effective lintel with structural rigidity and greater resistance to corrosion. Field Testing has conclusively proven the effectiveness of Galintels and the substantial advantages to builders using the product.

Galintels are a cold rolled lintel bar providing recesses for mortar bedding on the vertical leg. The bonding of mortar,brickwork and lintel forms a composite beam of superior strength and load-bearing capacity, achieved with a 40% lighter bar, giving substantial advantages to on-site handling, transport and storage.

Galintels are the only lintel bar which has been recognised by the Australian Design Council and has been awarded the Australian Design Award in 1987.

Fully hot dipped galvanised

Each Galintel is hot dip galvanised to ensure that all surfaces - legs, edges and ends - are fully protected. Brickwork cracking caused by rust displacement is virtually eliminated, as are priming and painting (except in severe environments within 500m of the marine shoreline) - AS 2312-1980 requires that paint should be applied to the galvanised finish. Galvanising conforms to AS/NZS 4680-1999.

White base support

The generous width of the platform leg of each Galintel provides a wide base of support for brickwork. This leg extends to cover the cored holes in extruded bricks. Moreover, bricks of irregular dimensions can be accommodated by varying mortar thickness.

Cost effective and lightweight

Galintels offer low handling costs, ease of use, reduced construction time, and the virtual elimination of priming and painting.

Galintels are 40 % lighter than conventional steel lintels, contributing to ease of handling and substantially reducing the risk of damage to green masonry during construction.

Super structural rigidity

Mortar bonds to galintels platform and vertical legs. The bonding between the Galintel, mortar and brickwork forms a composite beam and ensures superior lateral bracing and structural rigidity.

Eliminates first course mitreing

The inside corner of each Galintel provides clearance to eliminate the need to mitre the edges of the first course of supported brickwork.

Available Flat

Flat Galintels are recommended for use in internal walls where the height of supported brickwork exceeds half the span of the opening and must be installed with ribs uppermost.

Complies with Australian building codes

Galintels have CSIRO Building Products & Systems Appraisal (Technical Assessment 148) and Engineering Certification for structural adequacy with verification by Unisearch Limited, at the University of NSW.

Galvanising conforms to AS/NZS 4680-1999 and the relevant sections of AS 3700-2001. Steel in masonry construction shall be hot dipped galvanised to the listed Australian standards.

Galintels are approved by State Housing Authorities and Local Government Bodies in all States.