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Graphtec Data Logger GL800 midi LOGGER

Supplier: Lontek

The GL800 is fitted with 20 channels as standard but can be expanded from 20 to 200 channels with the optional B-537 and B-538 expansion modules.

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A total of 500 channels can be monitored via the GL800 software and up to ten GL800 units can be networked as a complete data logging system.

Built-in flash memory for reliable measurements

The flash memory used for the built-in memory device ensures that data is retained even if the power supply is interrupted. This means momentary disruptions in the AC power supply or accidentally switching off power will not result in data loss.
Two ports are provided on the GL800, one for the plug-in USB memory device and one for connecting to a PC.

Direct record to a USB memory device

Commercially available USB memory devices may be used for direct capture of data.

In addition, the GL800 can be connect directly to a PC via the USB cable which allows data to be transferred or measurements to be stored directly to the PC.

Voltage: 20 mV to 50 V

Current: 4-20 mA process signals or larger current with external shunts.

Thermocouples: K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, W, (WRe5-26)

RTDs: Pt100, JPt100, Pt1000 (IEC751)

Humidity: 0 to 100% (The B-530 option is required)

Vivid 14.5cm(5.7") TFT color LCD

The bright, easy-to-read 14.5cm(5.7") TFT color LCD monitor makes it even easier to review measurement parameter settings, measured waveforms, and digital values.

All the GL800's functions can be accessed through the navigation cluster and LCD screen. Single touch buttons for such tasks as display mode, setup and logging start/stop negate the need for complicated menu trees.

9 hours of continuous battery operations

Optional battery packs are available for use in areas where AC power is unavailable or subject to interruption. The battery packs enables 9 hours* of continuous measurement and provides a remaining battery capacity display function. * Varies with measurement conditions.

Free Bundled PC software

The GL800 is bundled with PC application software that enables data logging directly to a PC. In addition to waveform monitoring, this software provides other useful functions such as direct writing of data to an Excel file and report creation. The software also provides a Help display function for enhanced usability.

Diverse measurement screens

Various display screens can be selected: Y-T, X-Y, Digital, Meter, and Report.

Multi-channel measurement

One GL800 data logger enables measurement on up to 200 channels at the device itself, and up to 500 channels when PC measurement has been specified. In addition, since the channels can be assigned to four display groups, they can be arranged according to the input type.

Convenient functions

A function that displays the logic alarm status during measurement and a password protection function are built in. Other convenient functions are the display of a CSV file batch conversion screen after captured data has been replayed and various data search functions.

Software Features
  • Configuration and channel setup via USB or Ethernet Real time data storage to hard disk.
  • Stored data import from GL800.
  • Email notification of errors and alarms.
  • Available measurement modes: Y-T and X-Y.
  • Separate screens are available for each of the settings.
  • Direct Excel transfer can be enabled as a report function.
Remote monitoring via Ethernet; Web server/FTP functions

Your PC’s Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer applications can be used for settings, control, data monitoring and data acquisition.

The Web server function enables the acquisition of setting control data.

The FTP function enables the acquisition of data stored to the GL800.

Test drive a live GL800 data logger real-time on the web!

GL800 Main Features

  • 20 input channels as standard, expandable to 200 channels.
  • Isolated multifunction channels for Voltage, Temperature or Humidity.
  • Inputs: Voltage (20mv to 50V), Thermocouples (K,E,J,T,N,R,S,T,B,W) and 4-20mA signals via external shunt resistor. Optional Graphtec Humidity sensor is available.
  • Four pulse inputs and one trigger input.
  • 16-bit ADC resolution.
  • 14.5cm (5.7") colour LCD display (320 x 240 pixels).
  • Waveform and text display modes.
  • Easy-to-use keypad menu system.
  • Single open-collector alarm output.
  • Range of trigger functions.
  • Real-time statistical calculation.
  • Built-in 12Mb memory. Stores 5.5 million data points.
  • 2 x USB 2.0 interfaces - one for USB Memory stick and one for PC connection.
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) for PC connection and WEB/FTP server.
  • User replaceable batteries for up to 9 hours of operation.
  • Scan speed - Maximum.
    • 100 milli Seconds for 1-10 channels.
    • 200 milli Seconds for 11-20 channels.
    • 500 milli Seconds for 21-50 channels.
    • 1 Second for 51-100 channels.
    • 2 Seconds for 101-200 channels.
  • Stores 5.5 million data points.

The GL800 includes the following:

  • GL800 Quick Start Guide.
  • midi LOGGER Software.
  • Power Supply - 24Volts DC.
  • USB Cable.

  • Type: General purpose data logger / Paperless recorder.
  • Channels: 20 - expandable to 200.
  • Inputs: Voltage, Current*, Temperature, Humidity and Logic I/O.
  • Speed: 100ms to 1hr.
  • Resolution: 16bit.
  • Data Storage: Internally 5.5 million readings or External USB device.
  • PC Connection: Ethernet & USB.
  • Data transfer: USB memory device or direct to PC.
  • Power: Internal Battery or External 12~24 volts DC.
  • Software: Software included.

GL800 Technical Specifications. Download

GL800 Quick Start Guide (14.1 MB) Download

GL800 Users Manual (9.8 MB) Download

GL800 Software Users Manual (9.7 MB) Download

GL800 Application Software Download

Test drive a live GL800 data logger real-time on the web!