Green Sawn Timber & Dry Products

Supplier: Middlesex Mill
30 October, 2008

Middlesex Mill - A Family Tradition in Western Australian Hardwoods

Long before it was fashionable Middlesex Mill campaigned for ecologically sustainable forest management policies and a "value adding" commitment to the already valuable unique hardwood resources of Jarrah, Karri, Marri and Blackbutt, which grow only in the south west of Western Australia.

As the availability of the resource rapidly diminishes, so the demands for "value adding" increase in intensity. This is as it should be and should have been. The days of the Jarrah railway sleeper and housing frames are gone.

While Middlesex Mill produces, cut to order, green sawn timber and slabs in each of the four species, we seek to ensure that from feature to premium grade the end product is either a furniture component or a building component, where the inherent beauty of each species can be appreciated.

Slabs being stacked, before wrapping and transport to the client. Lifting the next cut slab, ready for stacking. Beginning the fourth cut on the horizontal bandsaw.

Each slab is unique with its outstanding grain. The horizontal bandsaw completing the fifth cut. Some natural feature now beginning to occur.

Of course there will always be exceptions which take advantage of the strength of Jarrah and Karri. For example boardwalks, bridges, large section timbers for the mining industry and boat keels. Middlesex Mill is perhaps the only mill in Western Australia with the ability to produce large section timbers up to twenty metres in length.

Dry Products

Profiler used to produce our flooring and panelling products. Profiler used to produce our flooring and panelling products. Computerised optimising docking machine.

1.45 metre wide planer - perhaps the biggest in Western Australia. The end-matcher enables us to provide this feature if required. The finger-jointer provides us with yet another alternative.

Our drying kilns, machinery and experience, gained throughout the twenty-one year history of Middlesex Mill, enables us to produce a range of dry flooring, decking, panelling, mouldings and furniture components to suit our most discerning clients.

In addition to all the standard profiles Middlesex Mill has the ability to produce none standard profiles to our clients specification. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a price and delivery date on any of your timber requirements.

Our objective is not to simply sell you timber, it is to build a strong, responsive business relationship, where together we develop a product which exactly matches your specification

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