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Greater efficiency goes hand-in-hand with lowering costs and reducing your environmental impact. That’s why we introduced GreenerFleet. A powerful management tool that helps lower your carbon footprint whilst saving you money.

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This advanced technology gives valuable insight to helps your workforce operate in an environmentally friendly way. By monitoring CO2 output and fuel, and by combining this with mileage, speed and idling data from your tracking solution GreenerFleet builds a clear picture of your environmental impact, identifies bad habits so you can:

  • improve driving behaviours
  • lower carbon emissions
  • make fuel savings
  • reduce maintenance fleet costs
  • improve delivery times

The green potential doesn’t stop there. Our unique scheduling applications run via mobile devices to create a ‘paperless’ environment helping sustain our disappearing rainforests, cutting down on administration costs and helping you provide your customers with a faster, seamless service.

GreenerFleet offers you a solution that improves environmental impact and efficiency too. Good news for you, great news for the environment.

GreenerFleet works with any vehicle that has Masternaut Three X tracking hardware installed. The first step is to select each vehicle’s information from a simple vehicle database or by manually entering the CO2 value and combined MPG figures. Masternaut Three X’s customer service team can help with this process where the volume of vehicles is high.

Once the set-up is completed GreenerFleet automatically calculates your operation’s carbon footprint on a daily, weekly or monthly basis using a live ‘carbon calculator’.

Through GreenerFleet you can proactively improve your fleets’ operating costs and carbon footprint.

Actual mileage, idling, speeding, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are monitored in real-time by vehicle, individual driver and your overall fleet. Idling alerts can be established that can send you a text or email to notify you of excessive idling. Texts can also be sent to remind the driver to switch off the engine saving fuel and the environment.

Carbon footprints can be compared to industry average figures as well as baseline measurements from your own fleets’ activity.

All data is viewed through a secure web-based portal using your Masternaut login details so no additional hardware or software is required.

This data is translated into a ‘green score’ for each driver and vehicle as well as your fleet’s overall score which is displayed in simple ratings of red, amber and green in easy-to-understand graphics.

The green score provides an accurate carbon footprint measurement and allows you to monitor this over time to achieve your environmental responsibility objectives.

Driver green scores are channelled into league tables displaying individual activity, creating a more competitive environment and encouraging more cost efficient and environmentally friendly driving behaviour.

GreenerFleet’s fleet management tools manage service and maintenance schedules to help manage your duty of care and maintain a greener and more cost efficient fleet.

Benefits of GreenerFleet:

  • Reduced environmental impact, hand-in-hand with cost savings.
  • Real-time insight to help drive reduced fuel and maintenance costs.
  • A reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Data to identify areas for improvement that can improve productivity across all areas of your fleet.
  • Accurate carbon footprint measurements to help build an environmental responsibility reputation with customers, shareholders and the media.

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