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Greentree Accounts Payable Module

Supplier: Star Business Solutions

Control and monitor where your money is going and you can better control your future.

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This managerial accounting and information resource helps you meet today's varied business challenges. By using Accounts Payable you can easily track what is owed to your suppliers and what your forward cash commitments for outstanding invoices and purchase orders are.

Key benefits

  • Internet Enabled
  • Tracking Suppliers
  • Withholding Tax, PPS & GST
  • Easy Payment Selection
  • Faster Data Entry
  • Manage Disputed Transactions
  • Recurring Invoices

Internet Enabled
Greentree is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using it's thin client technology. This allows remote offices or travelling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of Greentree via an Internet Service Provider.

Tracking Suppliers
Suppliers can be quickly located by account number, alpha short code or name (or an abbreviation of any of these). Use your mouse or function keys to scroll through the supplier file, depending on your personal preference. Individual supplier accounts may be tracked on an Open Item or Balance Forward basis - and you can switch between these at any time.

Withholding Tax, PPS & GST
Withholding Tax (NZ), the Prescribed Payments System (Australia) and GST (Australia and New Zealand) are fully catered for and all relevant details may be entered against any suppliers this relates to. Deductions are automatically made from payments to the relevant suppliers and may be reported using the relevant tax authority stationery.

Easy Payment Selection
Invoices may be selected for payment in bulk and exceptions easily added or removed from a selection list. Payments may then be automatically processed and cheques, payment advices and/or a direct electronic payments made via an on-line interface to major banks.

Manual payments may also be entered at any time and a cheque and/or remittance advice "hot printed" directly from the system. This is ideal for casual suppliers or where you need to make a payment outside of the normal cheque runs.

Faster Data Entry
A default General Ledger expense account maybe defined against each supplier, which is displayed as the default during data entry. This assists by not only ensuring recurring invoices are coded to the correct account, but saves manually checking which account should be used.

Accounts Payable invoice and credit transactions may be posted directly, securely and with full validation, into Greentree from within Microsoft Excel. This is achieved using Greentree's unique Excel add-in, allowing complex cost allocations to be handled within Excel - and for this information to be updated into Greentree directly. Transactions that have been entered in this manner may be further edited within Greentree, if required.

Manage Disputed Transactions
Managing the receipt, processing and payment of your suppliers invoices is an important part of your business relationships. Suppliers need to be aware of invoices that have been received, but not yet paid - and you need to know what your future cashflow requirements will be.

Invoices may be placed on "hold" as soon as they are received into your office and released for payment as your approval process is completed. Invoices in dispute may also be held and reported separately on your suppliers aged balance report.

Recurring Invoices
If your company has a requirement for recurring invoices, these may be defined once and automatically generated when required. This gives easy control over areas such as rental charges or maintenance invoices.