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Greentree General Ledger Module

Supplier: Star Business Solutions

Accurate and timely information is critical in assisting your business to achieve its strategic goals - with a growing trend towards users reviewing key information daily rather than monthly, Greentree's General Ledger forms the core of your financial management system.

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Key Benefits

  • Internet enabled
  • Dynamic Reporting Structures
  • Flexible Chart Structure
  • Account Short Codes
  • Multiple Budgets
  • Future & Prior Periods
  • On-line Enquiries
  • Recurring Journals
  • External Journal Updates
  • Journal Entry

Internet Enabled
Greentree is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using it's thin client technology. This allows remote offices or travelling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of Greentree.

Dynamic Reporting Structures
Greentree allows an unlimited number of multilevel "Trees" to be defined within the General Ledger that are used to group and summarise financial information within Excel. This can be used to provide different "views" of your financial information that could include completely diverse areas such as business units, geographical locations, management structures or product lines.

Trees that have been defined in Greentree's General Ledger may be easily accessed from Excel for accurate and immediate analysis and reporting for any financial period. Information can also be extracted by account number or summarised by a particular segment of your account code, such as a cost centre. These flexible reporting structures ensure that almost any financial reporting requirement can be easily fulfilled.

Flexible Chart Structures
A flexible chart structure means you can define account codes that are relevant to your organisation or group of companies and which meet your reporting needs. The structure of the chart of accounts is completely user-definable with up to 30 characters for your account code and up to 16 different segment or level breaks. Not all companies or business units within your organisation need use the full structure; you can nominate which segments or levels are relevant to each company.

Account Short Codes
With a large number of accounts in your General Ledger, it can be difficult to remember each account number correctly. A short-code may be optionally defined against each account to assist in locating frequently used accounts. For example, each of your bank accounts may have a short-code of "BANK" plus a short description, and this can be used to locate and select the correct bank account. Use of shortcodes not only saves time, it also removes the need to always have a printed chart of accounts handy.

Multiple Budgets
Greentree supports an unlimited number of budgets, allowing multiple budget variations to be produced and tracked. Years within each budget can be closed to further changes when approved or finalised. All budgets may be created and edited in Microsoft Excel and automatically updated to and from Greentree as required.

Future & Prior Periods
Greentree allows transactions to be posted into both prior and future periods (depending on individual user security). This is particularly useful at year end where adjustments need to be posted into previous periods or where fixed costs have been identified for future periods. Financial reports can be printed for any period, which means they can be easily reprinted after adjustments have been made.

On-line Enquiries
Transactions may be viewed for any range of periods (current, past or future), ensuring the information you need is always at hand. Information may be summarised on screen by transaction type or data entry batch within each period, providing a useful "drill-down" capability to the level of detail you need. As financial transactions are entered in any part of Greentree, they are reflected immediately in the General Ledger. This allows you to see exactly what revenue or costs are in the system at any time - even if they are not yet finalised.

Recurring Journals
Recurring journals and accruals can be defined and actioned over whatever period is required. Accruals may be defined as auto-reversing which means once they have been posted they will be automatically reversed out in a future accounting period.

External Journal Updates
Considerable time can be saved by automatically posting journals from external applications such as Payroll or billing systems directly into Greentree. With flexible definition of import formats this can be easily established and be processed at any time.

Journal Entry
Journals may be entered via the Greentree journal entry screen - or created directly from within Microsoft Excel. This means entries such as accruals may be calculated using the financial modelling tools within Excel - then simply updated directly into Greentree.

Greentree's add-in for Excel
Accountants love Excel, and many use this tool every day to format, plan and manipulate information for a wide variety of business uses. FREE provides direct connectivity with Microsoft Excel, facilitating a powerful range of reporting and formatting tools. This allows you to create almost any type of financial report you require, based on up-to-the minute information. Reports can be easily created from the ground up, with changes reflected immediately. Importantly, the reporting mechanism in Excel is entirely under the Accountant's control.

Historically, a big problem with using Excel as a financial reporting system has been obtaining timely and easy access to the financial information contained in your accounting system. Traditionally, this information has to be printed from the accounting system and manually reentered, or perhaps stored as a text file and imported into Excel for further formatting and manipulation. Greentree offers a whole new way of accessing your financial information with a powerful set of tools that allow you to easily directly access, summarise and present your reports quickly and easily.

Free Key Benefits

  • LiveLinks to Greentree
  • Harness the Reporting Power of Trees
  • Flexible Budgeting Tools
  • Not Just Reporting - Updating Too

Your Personal Executive Information System
By taking advantage of the more advanced features of Excel, you can create your own Executive Information System (EIS) that is tailored to the requirements of your organisation and staff. Using tools such as Visual Basic and Excel’s macro language, a complete graphical interface can be built to suit your requirements now - and in the future.

Secure Access to Greentree
Before accessing your Greentree financial information from within Excel, users must enter a valid Greentree login name and password. This ensures that only authorised staff are able to access your sensitive financial information at all times.

Posting Journals
Journals may be calculated and posted from Excel directly into Greentree real-time. These may be autoreversing journals (i.e. accruals) that could even be calculated based on financial information obtained from Greentree automatically. Journals that are posted from Excel may be further edited from within Greentree, if required.

Entering Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Invoices
Transactions for your suppliers and customers may be entered and posted directly from Excel into Greentree real-time. This is ideal if you have complex cost allocations or other information that needs to be tracked from within Excel, and saves operator time and the potential for human error. Customer and supplier information may also be updated from Excel, if required. This is of great value if you need to integrate with legacy systems that are not able to communicate with Greentree directly.