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Greentree Inventory Module

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Back in the 90's customers often got the standard "you want it when!" response to an urgent request for a product and were basically told "oh well we might have it in a couple of days, can you wait?"

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Nowadays customers want what they want 'yesterday' or they'll go elsewhere. Meeting the challenge of rising customer expectations in terms of price competitiveness and availability is why some businesses stand above the rest.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Maintenance Options
  • Unlimited Pricing Options
  • Multi-Locations
  • Multiple Pricing Books
  • User-Defined Trees
  • Streamlined Stocktaking
  • Flexible Inventory Adjustments
  • Manage Non-Saleable Items
  • User-Defined Text
  • Multiple Costing Methods
  • Managing Suppliers

Flexible Maintenance Options
Greentree's Inventory Management module will help you achieve and maintain a competitive edge by enabling you to accurately forecast inventory requirements – no crystal-ball gazing just sound business decision making. Being able to make pin-point accurate decisions at the right time about what the optimal levels of inventory are translates into reduced management costs and capital investment.

You'll never lose a sale due to items being outof-stock and manager's can schedule inventory counts whenever and from wherever they want all from within a fully integrated and completely connected 'living' environment. The finance people will be delighted by the reduction in management costs whilst your sales people are empowered to satisfy customer demand and raise the customer service level bar.

Using Greentree to optimise your Inventory Management
Greentree is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using its thin client technology. This allows remote offices or travelling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of Greentree via an Internet Service Provider.

High visibility in real-time = proactive management Managers often complain that historical reports that tell them about issues they can’t change and can only ever respond to reactively are of little value. So the value of being able to proactively manage and make instant adjustments which are immediately updated across multiple integrated and interrelated Greentree modules via a single data entry point is huge. The Inventory module integrates with all other relevant Greentree modules (see below) so each is simultaneously updated in real time without error. Managers get a clear, accurate and present view of exactly what’s going on right across the manufacturing, warehousing, sales and distribution process.

Get up and running rapidly – Import direct from Excel
Worried about business continuity and down-time whilst data is transferred across to a new system? Don't be. Greentree requires minimal data establishment and you can import all your data from Excel or convert your files stored in legacy systems into ASCII files and export to Excel.

Accurate and Timely Inventory counts
Greentree enables the Warehouse Manager to proactively manage inventory throughout the year using a predefined monitoring process. Inventory counts can take place periodically or on a regular cyclic counting basis. Management can determine a pre-approved tolerance level for variations between the actual item count and what is recorded in the system. This saves heaps of time and ensures that only significant variations are dealt with allowing the distribution centre to continue running smoothly without major disruption.

Exchange data via the web
If you have distribution centres in local and overseas locations you can remotely transfer inventory transactions and balance sheet information between head office and multiple branch offices. The whole process is automated and under your control so it's accurate, reliable and error-free.

This process utilises industry standard data exchange technology known as Web Services. This is pretty smart technology and Greentree has leveraged it in an innovative way to extend your inventory management and distribution capabilities beyond the boundaries of your local branch or warehouse. For many businesses, it’s not unusual to have manufacturing and/or distribution operations in another country such as China or Thailand so the value of being able to remotely manage distribution is immense.

Automated track 'n trace of serial or lot numbered, 'use-by' dated, superseded or obsolete items
Every business will have items that have 'use-by' dates or that may be part of a batch or kitset, have been superseded or no longer produced by the manufacturer i.e. obsolete. Managing and tracking the changes associated with these types of items is usually a nightmare since it's often a manual process and therefore predisposed to human error. If you end the month with too many expired, obsolete/superseded items which can't be sold and you're thinking "there must be a better way", there is.

In the case of a serial or lot numbered item you can record the number and capture a 'use-by' date so items can be highlighted and sold before the expiry date.

In the case of a superseded item Greentree's Supercession feature enables you to create a link between the old and new item with the option of inheriting the balances and open orders associated with the superseded item. Obsolete items can be restricted from further purchase or sale.

Maintain optimal inventory levels through informed decision making
Proactively identify groups of inventory items with specific criteria using a powerful search engine then analyse these at a summary or transaction level using data tree structures. Regular analysis and decision making about inventory groups ensures that only the most optimum levels of inventory are maintained at all times.

Simple and pin-point accurate Forecasting
Every step of the inventory management process ensures the most accurate information flows into the next step so Forecasting is based upon the best available information. Managers have at their fingertips the information required to make credible decisions and accurately plan the materials and resources required to meet the most rigorous customer demands at the most competitive and profitable price.