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Greentree Material Requirements Planning & Forecasting Module

Supplier: Star Business Solutions

The 'engine-room' activities of any business with a manufacturing, distribution and/or assembly component will be planning, production and inventory management which is why Greentree’s MRP & Forecasting modules are intricately integrated with Greentree's Inventory Management module.

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Being able to respond 'on-the-fly' to last minute changes to a scheduled production run without compromising the core process, balance customer demand, forecast requirements and plan production with pin-point accuracy are aspects of the manufacturing process that 'truth-be-known' have shortened the life span of many fine managers and enthusiastic production planners over the years.

Key Benefits

  • Plan production automatically and accurately
  • Efficiently manage investment in expensive inventory
  • Produce timely and competitively priced products
  • Respond on the fly to production planning change requirements
  • Automatically suggest and generate Factory & Purchase orders
  • Provides accurate planning of inventory purchasing
  • Manage requirements and forecasts by selective categories (trees)
  • Forecast accurately using historical & seasonal data
  • Manual adjustments allow for unforeseen situations
  • Manage the manufacturing process with visual planning board
  • Analyse factory order scheduling in Excel

To ensure you have control and high visibility of what is inherently a complex multi-faceted process, transcending several operational areas of the business each contributing to the finished product, Greentree have created two distinct and interrelated modules to manage this process within the Manufacturing suite;

  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Forecasting

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
Materials Requirements Planning is a process that references several key business activities as well as information across your business including all levels in the Bill of Materials, sales forecasts, sales orders and inventory. You can determine exactly what and when materials are required, in order to produce the most timely and competitively priced products and services for customers.

Calculate what materials are required, when and what actions are required to meet expectations
This is where all the questions get answered. The MRP module calculates what and when materials are required based on information gathered from sales forecasts and sales orders, bill of materials, inventory reorder settings and inventory balances. The result is a series of suggested action messages that effectively manages when, how much and where the materials are required. These action messages are sorted and filtered using an MRP Review form and a factory or purchase order can be created on Bill Of Materials Maintenance Screen the click of a button. A drill down on planned orders provides specific details about the source requirements that drive demand.

It is also possible to store multiple MRP runs. This provides an effective tool for pinpointing, managing and improving areas that cause costly changes in requirements and scheduling between runs.

Leverage stand-alone capability for distribution only Materials Purchase Planning
You don’t need a Forecast or Bill of Materials to leverage the power and functionality of MRP. In fact, you don’t even need to be a manufacturing operation – this module stands-alone and its simple configuration and easy set-up makes it ideal for the distribution-only business to provide accurate planning of inventory purchasing requirements.

Analyse by inventory tree only – no need to go global
High-value inventory items typically have longer lead times and tend to pose greater risk to the business in terms of loss, damage or non-delivery. Greentree offers greater control and flexibility to manage these items via Tree analysis which enables you to separate out high value/ long lead-time inventory items from low-value short lead-time items for more refined analysis. This means you don’t need to perform calculations on all inventory items at the same time, only those contained within the tree and you can manage the risk associated with long-lead time items and short lead-time items side-by-side. In addition you can further refine this to include only inventory items marked as critical.

Link directly to Manufacturing planning board
From the MRP Review form, you can launch a visual planning board to display and manage manufacturing factory orders and even output this to Excel for further analysis.

Use historical data, seasonal fluctuations and common sense to forecast demand

If you’re not psychic the Forecasting module uses historical sales data, mathematical calculations and human intuition to forecast future inventory requirements and allows adjustments for seasonal fluctuations, thus ensuring that forecasting matches the natural curve of your business demand. You can make manual adjustments for unusual events or unseasonal demand so you’re always on-track. This is an easy to manage process, as once you have established your criteria the forecast is automatically generated for you. Forecasts can be used to feed into the MRP module’s processes, providing a base to build the material requirements planning on.

Integration with other Greentree modules
Greentree’s modular system builds upon and integrates with all other modules to ensure that every drop of business intelligence is extracted from every transaction right across the business – nothing goes to waste. This translates into aggregated business value and you need only purchase the modules that best fit your business.

All aspects of the MRP and Forecasting modules are fully integrated to the Inventory, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials/Factory Orders and General Ledger modules. This provides an up-to-date and accurate picture of inventory balances, purchases and movements as they happen and how these affect the financial side of the business.

Key features

  • Four Demand Generation options
  • Forecast and MRP by Inventory Trees
  • Can also be used by purchasing and distribution-only businesses
  • System generated suggested action messages
  • System generated purchase and factory orders
  • Simple to use MRP review form
  • Drill down to analyse source requirement
  • Maintain multiple forecasts
  • Process multiple MRP runs
  • Ability to flag items as critical
  • Option to include or exclude hold and don’t commit orders
  • Kitset requirements included in the generation process
  • Visual manufacturing planning board with export to Excel
  • Powerful Reporting