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Greentree QlikView Module

Supplier: Star Business Solutions

Businesses thrive on access to and the quality of, their data. QlikView for Greentree will gather and analyse data for the purpose of helping enterprise users adapt and make better business decisions.

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Effectively the organization is energised and empowered by having a comprehensive knowledge of all of the factors that affect the business.

With QlikView for Greentree you will be provided with an in depth knowledge (KPI's) about factors such as your customers, competitors, suppliers, economic environment, and internal operations. Business Intelligence of this calibre drives performance and provides a source for competitive advantage.

With QlikView for Greentree, cost-effective Business Intelligence is always right at your fingertips!

Key Benefits

  • Responsive
  • Integrated
  • Flexible
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Custom Dashboards & Scorecards
  • Deployment Options
  • Tailored Applications

Greentree customers are able to deploy QlikView quickly and easily. Getting running in days not weeks means you not only get early benefits from empowering information but you also save money on consulting/training fees and precious time.

QlikView for Greentree combines and collates data from Greentree and other internal or external systems—seamlessly. This advanced level of integration means your analysis and reporting is completely accurate, focused and altogether meaningful.

There’s no, "how do we make it fit?" or "do we need to re-engineer?" QlikView for Greentree is configured and scales to your individual business needs. The result is answers to questions and solutions to challenges, not more problems.

Custom Dashboards & Scorecards
Dashboards and scorecards can be fully customised, with full drill-down to the transaction level.

Powerful Reporting
The powerful reporting features allow you to combine and distribute data from multiple sources quickly and easily.

As business professionals you know that customers are your most important asset, but also that profits are gained and lost in business details. QlikView for Greentree allows you to understand both.

You get the big picture with up-to-date dashboard’s showing not just KPIs but also DSOs, Receivables Trends, and Percentage Breakdown of Open Orders by Overdue Status

- Immediately know where you're heading; spot problems and take action, before a trend becomes a crisis

Business Analysts
Start with transaction-level data and build up, allowing sophisticated, complete analysis without pre-aggregation or imposed dimensional limits. Advanced projection capabilities improve the accuracy of cash-flow projections

- Drive better decisions and more targeted financial planning

Sales Managers/Reps
Find out in seconds what your customers are buying—and not buying? Get immediate updates on the payment status, help customers avoid missing payments and identify potential problem accounts

- Extensive insight to make your sales activity more effective

Collection Managers
Get immediate access to all the payment histories, open orders, overdue accounts—all down to the individual invoice level

- Greatly improve the effectiveness of your collection efforts

IT Managers
By serving all the above end-users with a single master file, the maintenance burden is lifted from the IT department

- Streamlined applications that are easy to maintain.

Outcome? The whole organisation is enabled!