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Greentree Quality Control Module

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Have you ever had to return an item to the manufacturer or retail outlet because it was faulty, damaged or outright broken?

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Irritating isn’t it? Most of us have had to do this at least once in our lives and the nuisance value of the whole process can't be understated.

Testing for quality assurance is an afterthought for some businesses or not part of the manufacturing process at all for others where the urgency to get products out the door takes precedence. The outcome becomes an exercise in false economics as the cost of having dissatisfied customers is considerable and over time will surely exceed the investment required for a robust Quality Control process.

Key Benefits

  • Time saving & flexible test classifications
  • Automatic tracking
  • Undertake unusual testing
  • Avoid expensive re-testing

To enable distribution and manufacturing oriented businesses to avoid such a situation, Greentree’s Quality Control module will help you automate the quality control processes and tests for serialised, lot or batch tracked inventory items as well as for non-inventory items such as environmental or laboratory metrics.

Time-saving & flexible tests, classifications and automatic tracking
Each test is designed to describe the test measure being assessed and these tests are assigned to a Test classification as a means to logically group, view and perform related tests. For example in the food manufacturing industry, test classifications may include Product Identification, Microbial and Chemical property tests etc... You can define as few or as many tests as you require to be performed within each classification and you can design different tests for inventory items versus non-inventory items. Once tests have been classified and assigned to a serialised, lot or batch tracked inventory item, their progress can be automatically tracked through the quality control process.

Ensure compliance and traceability
Each Greentree process for receipting an item, such as a Purchase Order or Factory Order receipt can be set to a user defined status, eg. Quarantined or QC in Progress, and are automatically assigned their defined tests and test specifications.

This saves time and effort and ensures that nothing slips through your Quality Control procedures until it passes. Once tests are assigned, each Test analyst can view their workload on screen and know just what tests they have in progress or have yet to perform. As test are performed, results from each test specification can be recorded along with who tested, the date and unlimited notes required to elaborate on the test procedure or results can be added.

Each individual test in the suite can be passed or failed, however it is not necessary for all individual tests to pass before the overall test suite can be passed, but each test must be completed. This provides flexibility for subjective tests such as colour, aroma etc.

Have you ever wondered how you would go about a product recall? What manual effort this would require or if it would even be possible with your current software? Greentree’s Quality Control software will allow you to easily trace all items sold either by serial number or from a particular batch or lot, so you can identify the customers and provide them further information as the situation requires.

Checks, balances and controls ensure faulty items are never released for use or sale
Items that fail quality control tests are automatically assigned a user definable status that will ensure they are unavailable for sale or use unless deliberately released by someone with approval authority so you have the reassurance of knowing that faulty items will never be inadvertently distributed or sold to your customers. Tests that pass are automatically made available for distribution and sale. Checks and balances at every critical point in the process ensure you have complete control - you can be assured of the quality of your quality control process.

Undertake broad range testing – no need for extra modules
You can design, monitor and approve any test environments, even if not inventory related, such as the temperature and humidity of a freezer, room or building if you wish. As is the case for inventory item quality testing, the same approach to designing tests, test specifications and classifications are available so there’s no need to buy additional software for this purpose.

High visibility of the test configuration including personnel – avoids expensive re-testing
Comprehensive information is provided about a test configuration eg. Personnel, classifications, authorised approvers, test analysts etc. so an easy review can be undertaken at any time. If resource or other aspects of a specialised test aren’t available at some point during the test phase the validity of the test results may be affected. Being able to monitor availability of personnel at any time avoids a potentially costly and time-consuming repeat test.

Integration with other Greentree Modules
Greentree's modular system builds upon and integrates with all other modules to ensure that every drop of business intelligence is extracted from every transaction right across the business – nothing goes to waste. This translates into aggregated business value and you need only purchase the modules that best fit your business.

The Quality Control module integrates with Inventory, Purchase Order receipting as well as Manufacturing. Greentree's Approvals and Alerts module can also be used to manage test approval processes where multi level approval processes are required.

Key Features

  • Flexible test design
  • Tests grouped into classification
  • Unlimited tests within a classification
  • Automatically makes items unavailable until approved for use/sale
  • Enforce compliance to quality standards
  • Track product through to customer by serial number, batch or lot ID
  • Ability to flag users as test analysts and/or authorised approvers
  • Segment responsibilities for testing and approval
  • Test Analyst workload view provided with drill down to detail
  • Online overview of all Quality Control information configurations for classifications, tests and item
  • Non-inventory Quality Control tests supported