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Greentree Sales Orders Module

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Liberate your staff to work on your business by enabling them to quickly, efficiently and accurately process sales orders in real-time as opposed to having them work in your business wasting valuable time and resource fixing problems and chasing orders.

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Key Benefits

  • Internet Enabled
  • Fully Integrated Operation
  • On-line Access to Information
  • Effective Credit Control
  • Flexible Packing Slips & Invoices
  • Managing Security
  • Comprehensive Options
  • Management of Backorders

Time is money and processing your customer’s sales orders on-the-fly and getting it right first time makes for a smarter slicker operation ensuring that every hard won sale is reflected in your bottom line. If improving the efficiency and accuracy of your Sales Order processing is what you're trying to achieve Greentree can help.

Using Greentree to make every Sale count
Access 'live' information – offer smart, flexible inventory solutions
The old adage, "you can't sell what you haven't got" may be a little clichéd but it's absolutely true. Sales growth can be constrained by an inefficient Inventory Management process which is why Greentree's Sales Orders and Inventory Management modules are highly integrated in real-time to ensure you can instantly respond to your customers sometimes unexpected order requirements.

Greentree's 'contingency' thinking empowers front-line sales staff with instant access to the information they need to capture the sale one way or another. You can offer alternative or complementary items, source them from another location or back-order them and give a realistic time-frame for delivery.

Alternatively, you could offer to purchase-to-order and commit that item to the sales order to ensure it's not sold to another customer. You can do all this in real-time plus quote a new price on-the-fly if you need to. Your customer doesn’t need to commit to the quote, simply hold and track then convert it into a 'live' sale without re-keying a single digit. This is very, very responsive customer service ensuring every sale counts.

Save your customer's time and sales
Prompt your regular customers to turn frequent orders into 'period orders' to help reduce the incidence of lost sales due to items being unavailable. This saves everyone time by generating automatic frequent and repeat orders in seconds.

Tighter controls prevents over-extending customer accounts
Since the Inventory and Accounts Receivable modules are also highly integrated in a 'live' environment, everything that happens is updated instantly. This prevents sales orders from being processed for customers with overdue accounts – you’re in complete control.

Track'n Trace every order item – know what's going on
You can tell your customer the exact status and progress of every item in their order at any time during the sales and distribution process. No awkward moments trying to explain to an irritated customer where their 'urgent' backordered items are since Greentree allows you to monitor expected delivery dates and allocate a priority to special customer orders. Make sure your customer gets what they need when they want it as quickly as possible.

Use Excel as a sales data source
If you have open sales orders in another system and need to extract these into Greentree you can create a template in Excel to export the data into the Greentree Sales Order Entry program. This saves time in initial set-up of Greentree and there's no need to consider third party systems.

Improve the efficiency of deliveries - match packing slips with delivery sequences
You can design the sales and distribution process any way you want - design it around the sequence in which the delivery truck does the deliveries. If you have inventory in multiple locations print packing slips according to where the warehouses are and in the sequence the delivery truck visits each location. If you have customers with multiple delivery addresses then print packing slips according to where each is located – it's your process you choose!

Real-time enquiry and reporting for better decision making
Greentree empowers the entire organisation with a 'clear and present' view of what's happening in the business at any time. Your Sales Manager can see which inventory items were slow movers, which items the sales people were selling the most of, which sales person is ahead of budget or needing a little 'encouragement' and which items need a greater sales effort. The business decision making process instantly impacts the bottom-line in realtime. Management becomes proactive.

24/7 customer service via the web
Greentree's Webstore enables your customers to order online in real-time with immediate updating of the database. Customer's get instant access to their complete account set-up including discounts, backorders, sales history etc at a time that suits them – no waiting, no queues.

Reduce distribution costs - use 'drop ship' supplier-to-customer delivery
If you're looking to reduce distribution costs or you simply don't have a distribution centre you can automatically assign a customer's delivery address to a purchase order so goods are delivered from the supplier directly to the customer. This is ideal for web-based businesses where the key focus is to sell goods and distribute them directly to the customer at the best possible price.

Integration with other Greentree Modules
Greentree's modular system builds upon and integrates with all other modules to ensure that every drop of business intelligence is extracted from every transaction right across the business – nothing goes to waste. This translates into aggregated business value and you need only purchase the modules that best fit your business.

Inventory & Accounts Receivable are highly integrated core business modules whilst Sales completes the picture to create the most highly integrated 'live' environment within the Greentree suite of modules.

Sales Orders integrates in real-time with several other Greentree modules:

  • Inventory
  • Data eXchange
  • Purchase Orders
  • Foreign Currency
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Webstore
  • Data update from Microsoft Excel

Key features

  • Comprehensive Order Tracking – Answers the "where's my order" question. Order status codes and line item delivery dates track customer orders from initiation to delivery to determine its position in the sales & distribution cycle.
  • Selling Price & Margin Control – Hide or restrict sensitive sales, margin and discount information from specific users or user groups. Prevent margins from being altered which also prevents unauthorised discounting
  • Sales and Price History – Access sales and price history to automatically create a new order without re-keying data Effective
  • Credit Control – Apply a pre-defined credit limit to an account and stick to it – prevents over-extending credit
  • Backorder Management – Allow back-ordering or disallow it, automatically release backorders linked to purchase orders and print packing slips, allow partial/complete fulfilment – you choose