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Greentree Webstore Module

Supplier: Star Business Solutions

The widespread acceptance of the Internet as an integral part of business enables your organisation to transform the ways it interacts with its customers.

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Greentree's Webstore module provides a secure and completely on-line solution that enables customers to browse illustrated product catalogues, check pricing and availability and enter orders. Customers have real time access to their outstanding sales orders, plus details of their account status and transaction history.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Connectivity
  • Full Integration with Other Greentree Modules
  • On-line Stock Catalogue
  • Order Processing
  • Order Enquiries
  • Account Enquiries
  • Secure Access
  • Industry Standard Design Tools

Flexible Connectivity
Exposing your sales department to the Internet can provide dramatic cost savings, reduced telephone enquiries and increased efficiencies in managing orders. Greentree's Webstore module provides a flexible and secure solution that allows your customers to browse an on-screen product catalogue, place orders, access their account, check on stock availability and pricing details, plus access a whole range of product or other information you may provide.

The level of functionality that is provided is completely user-definable and with the sample templates provided, can be configured by professional web designers to project the exact personality and experience of your business you wish to provide.

Full Integration with Other Greentree Modules
Webstore operates on-line with the Greentree Financial and Distribution modules, ensuring all information displayed is completely up to date, and that any orders received can be processed immediately. Webstore dynamically creates all web pages as they are requested; ensuring information displayed is always "real time".

On-line Stock Catalogue
A stock catalogue may be established which is linked directly to the Greentree Inventory module. Items may be displayed in various categories, via tree structures, which can be easily navigated by web users. A graphic image (or photograph) may optionally be displayed next to each item in the catalogue, plus details such as retail prices, customers purchase price, stock availability, etc.

Order Processing
Customers may select items for purchase from unlimited on-screen catalogues and place these in a "shopping basket". As the order is completed and confirmed, it is updated immediately into the Greentree Sales Order module. The system will inform the user of the sales order reference number and automatically process the order, prinp a packing slip and email confirmation to both the sales rep and the customer. No further user intervention or updating is required.

Order Enquiries
Customers can view the details of all their outstanding orders on-line if required. This will show the status of each order or order line (entered, on back order, shipped, etc). If your freight company has an Internet based enquiry system, it may be possible to provide a direct link from the sales order enquiry to the delivery system. This will enable your customers to track the exact delivery status of their order once it leaves your warehouse.

Account Enquiries
Customers can review the status of their account, including details of all invoices outstanding. Invoices may be drilled down to view the details of each line and details can be easily printed from the web page. In addition, Credit Notes and Receipts that have been applied to each Invoice can also be viewed. This function allows customers to locate details of any missing invoices quickly and easily, ensuring accounts are paid more promptly and minimising calls to your accounts department.

Secure Access
Obviously a key concern for any organisation looking at interfacing their financial system to the Internet is security. How secure is the system and how can you ensure that any unauthorised person does not have access to sensitive information? The Greentree product itself is not exposed to the Internet via Webstore. All information displayed is via HTML web pages and casual Internet users cannot gain access to the main Greentree product via Webstore at all.

A security profile may be established for each of your customers, which ensures they have access to their own account information only. Users enter a unique login name and password that is linked to a particular Greentree customer account. This in turn determines the pricing and discount information that is displayed. Multiple logins can be created for each customer, each with its own security profile.

Industry Standard Design Tools
Web pages used in Webstore come standard with a generic look and feel, making Webstore quick and easy to install with comprehensive documentation. Customisation can be as simple as locating a company logo within Greentree, and if required, documentation will guide you through basic or total customisation using a standard web design text editor such as "Dreamweaver". This task can be performed by any web design organisation, or internal staff with limited HTML knowledge. Although Webstore provides detailed and flexible functionality, for any specific customisation, a scripting language named OpenWeb allows added features and integration by any programmer, added directly into the templates.

The web pages are saved as text files and then imported directly into the Greentree database, via the Webstore System Preferences form within Greentree. New or updated web pages can then be reloaded into Webstore at any time.

All Maintainable within Greentree
From first installation, Webstore can be maintained from within your familiar Greentree environment, with total integration with the rest of the Greentree system. Web users are maintained on the customer maintenance form and the inventory items are linked to standard trees for catalogues. All web users are matched to web security groups that control everything about the web user's display, available pages, and individual preferences. Text notifications are updated instantly to the web user by controlling forms within Greentree under "System > Webstore".