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Greiner flow control for PRIMO swimming pool cover

Supplier: HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies
15 June, 2018

PRIMO is an international group of companies employing over 700 people at 13 production sites in 8 countries.

For over 50 years, PRIMO has been a development partner for plastic profiles and system solutions in numerous sectors such as windows and doors, construction, air conditioning and refrigeration technology, electrical engineering, household appliances and transportation. The PRIMO Group is headquartered in Copenhagen Denmark and is one of Europe’s largest plastic profile producers.

A recent development from PRIMO is a shutter style system for pool covers made of PVC and Polycarbonate, requiring high functionality and design requirements. For the rolling cover profiles to interleave smoothly, they must have precise dimensional accuracy which has be achieved using FLOW.CONTROL, an innovation of the Greiner Extrusion Group

Harald Möllenkamp, ??Operations Manager at PRIMO commented; "With certain profiles, FLOW.CONTROL is indispensable to meet the high requirements imposed on profile geometries. What is more, FLOW.CONTROL drives total profile costs down via considerable material savings, lower reject volume, and shortened start-up times. FLOW.CONTROL is an outstanding system to monitor the extrusion process. This allows us to ensure efficient production for our customers. Given the notable savings achieved, PRIMO will continue to invest in further FLOW.CONTROL systems next year. Thanks to our material savings, we can also offer environmentally friendly and resource-saving solutions".

Utilizing FLOW.CONTROL, individual profile sections are slowed-down or sped-up using cold or hot air. This action guarantees functional dimensional accuracy while providing considerable material savings. The material flow reacts within minutes, usability is improved, and all settings can be reproduced. With the additional control option, the line flexibility is also increased, and reaction and/or intervention times upon environmental fluctuations are significantly lowered. FLOW.CONTROL delivers the highest process safety, shortening start-up times, and reducing rejects and protracted production cycles and FLOW.CONTROL can be retrofitted to most Greiner nozzle designs.

Greiner Extrusion Group

Greiner Extrusion Group is the world's leading supplier of extrusion lines, tools and complete systems for profile extrusion. The core competency of the Greiner Extrusion Group lies in its know-how of the profile extrusion process - the development, design, manufacture and process optimisation of tools and extrusion lines. Its service portfolio ranges from formulation development to extrusion lines and tooling to the construction of entire extrusion plants.

Ten production and service locations in Europe, America and Asia, offer complete solutions for all requirements of profile manufacturers worldwide. With a total of 6 technology centres and 15 permanent extrusion lines, including one of the largest development centres in the industry, the Greiner Extrusion Group offers its customers a complete range of products to develop customer-specific solutions for leadership in profile Extrusion.