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Grid Connected Systems | Residential

Supplier: Solar Bright

Solar modules convert sunlight into electricity allowing you to use this either in your own home or exporting it into the grid.

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Solar modu:les are a static generator meaning they have no moving parts which is why they can have a warranty of 25 years.  The Solar modules are the engine room of a grid connected solar system and that is why quality and brand is critical in deciding which solar module to use.

A grid connected solar system should offer years of maintenance free operation however a routine clean of the modules is recommended to remove the buildup of dust and dirt. This is simply a case of using a broom or sponge and warm soapy water to clean the glass front.

To allow for optimum output it is ideal to have a North facing roof to mount the solar modules although 45 degrees off North is acceptable. It is not recommended to install a solar module facing south as this will significantly reduce the performance of the system.

Solarbright supplies premium quality modules manufactured by Hyundai and offers an industry leading warranty of 25 years. The warranty is supported and backed 100% by Hyundai providing peace of mind that you system will meet your expectations.

    • Renewable Energy Certificates - RECs
    • Renewable Energy Certificates ,  RECs are tradable and Solarbright can arrange to provide a point of sale discount on our already low prices if you choose to assign the RECs to us; saving you the hassle of selling the certificates yourself.

Feed in Tariffs

A feed in tariff is where you will be paid a premium rate over and above the current market rate for the electricity your grid connected solar power system produces. While a national, uniform program is still under consideration; each state currently has their own program or will be implementing one soon. Rates and program conditions vary from state to state.