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Grinding bay and workshop noise control

Supplier: Flexshield
25 March, 2013

In metal fabrication workshops, noise levels normally range between approximately 80 - 125dB(A).

Most common noise sources are from angle grinders, metal presses, cutting saws and hammering and bashing on metal objects.

Hearing loss in this industry is a very real and common health risk. You can see in this project how Flexshield's client had tried to contain some noise with the grey screens.

The project specifics:

This client had cordoned off a corner of their facility as a grinding bay.

The grinding operation could be in operation for hours on end and was an extreme health hazard to the operators and those working nearby. The transmitted noise to the office was also a major nuisance.

Flexshield went to the site and recorded an official level of 97dBA.


After the initial site consultation Flexshield manufactured and installed clear flexible noise control screens as an "L" configuration separating the grinding bay from the rest of the workshop.

The flexible noise control screens were manufactured to allow complete access for pedestrians, forklifts and product.

Being 100 per cent clear also meant the sound control screens would allow natural lighting and full visibility — both important safety features.

Flexshield recorded the official after treatment noise level at 78dBA.