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Grip Guard Stair Nosings installed in Melb clothing factory

Supplier: Grip Guard Non-Slip Floor Safety By: Patricia Simmons
13 January, 2010

Grip Guard is a market leader in providing and installing high-visibility stair nosings, that not only provide the stairs with a high level of grip, but also create a visual patter that discourages any sort of misstep.

Recently, Grip Guard provided anti-slip stair nosings to a Melbourne clothing factory that was facing many problems with its grated steer stairs.

In this instance, Grip Guard supplied the stair nosings to the factory, who then went on to carry out the installation themselves.

In saying this, Gip Guard prides itself not only on the quality of its products, but also on its high standard of customer service, and the company offers the option of having certified Grip Guard applicators carry out the installation of its anti-slip stair nosings.

Grip Guard provides anti-slip stair nosings in a number of colours. In this case, the client opted for the popular ‘safe yellow’ colours, which immediately alerts pedestrians to the location of each of the steps of a staircase, by contrasting strongly with the duller hues of the stairs themselves. The fact that the anti-slip stair nosings are installed on the very tip of the step is a fantastic improvement upon the safety of any staircase, as it is often when a pedestrians foot fail to gain purchase of the edge of the step, that an injurious fall occurs.

Since the installation of these durable stair nosings in the Melbourne clothing factory, both the factory’s foremen and its workers have been able to use their stairs more confidently and with greater ease, thanks to the grip and visibility provided by Grip Guard’s anti-slip stair nosing products.