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GripGuard Activator - Non Slip Floor Treatment

Supplier: Grip Guard Non-Slip Floor Safety

GripGuard Activator, the world's most effective non-slip floor treatment is 'keeping the world on its feet'.

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GripGuard Activator Non Slip Floor Treatment

Makes floors safer WET than dry
Grip Activator is a unique and remarkable floor treatment that microscopically alters the tread pattern of the floor surface and dramatically increases slip resistance.

No visible change to floor surfaces
The Grip Activator tread pattern is invisible to the naked eye yet dramatically increases slip resistance creating a safe floor surface for all pedestrians. The tread pattern actually becomes part of the floor surface - it is not a coating and therefore will not wear off.

This allows architects, designers, builders and business owners/managers the freedom to select the surface that looks best, and then specify GripGuard's Grip Activator to ensure it is slip resistant.

Floor surfaces are tested to ensure they meet Australian Standards and OH&S requirements
GripGuard operators utilize an ASM slip meter to measure the co-efficient of friction (slip resistance) of all floor surfaces prior to, and after treatment, to ensure that legal requirements are met. Results are documented on the GripGuard  warranty.

Treatments won't disrupt business procedures
Grip Activator treatment can usually be carried out during business hours with little or no disruption to normal business procedures or, if necessary, arranged outside of business hours. The floor surface is safe to walk on immediately after treatment is completed.

No special maintenance
Floors treated with Grip Activator require no special maintenance unlike floor coatings, mats, and adhesive strips that require regular maintenance and can quickly look unsightly. Treated floors can be cleaned as per normal.

Fully trained floor safety experts
GripGuard operators undergo extensive floor training programs and are qualified to provide expert floor safety advice as well as the most advanced floor safety treatments.

Warranty of Slip Resistance
GripGuard  provides clients with a warranty which documents the slip resistance of the floor surface both prior to and following Grip Activator treatment and specifies how floor safety issues have been addressed.