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Grooved Roller Bearings

Supplier: CGB Precision Products

Patented CMC Grooved Roller Bearings (GRBs) are the best performing precision thrust, radial and combo bearings on the market, providing a minimum of 5 times the life of comparably sized bearings

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The Grooved Roller Difference

The CMC Grooved Roller Bearing (GRB) difference lies in the patented grooved roller and race designs.

  • The design increases the contact points in the same physical space, thereby increasing the life of the bearing.
  • Specifically designed to match the envelope dimensions of the most common angular contact bearing duplex and quad pack sets. In this way, the GRB can be an exact dimensional replacement for existing designs where significantly longer life is desired.
  • With new designs, the GRB delivers a unique opportunity for size and weight reduction. By providing a smaller yet more capable bearing, overall system size and weight are optimized, and next higher assembly costs are reduced. Also, in linear motion applications, by providing a smaller bearing the ball or roller screw shaft complexity is simplified, overall system weight is reduced, and next higher assembly costs optimised.

GRB Components

There are five primary components of the patented GRB (see picture):

  1. Grooved Inner Race
  2. Grooved Outer Race (with or without flange)
  3. Grooved Rollers
  4. Spacers
  5. Retaining Rings

The outer race, inner race, and rollers carry load. The spacer retains and spaces the rollers.
Benefits of Grooved Roller Design


  • Significantly Increased Life
    • By virtue of the increase in dynamic load capacity, life increases by an order of magnitude. CMC bearing life is generally five to ten times longer than that of competitive bearings.
  • Larger Load Capacity
    • CMC bearings are capable of handling significantly higher loads than the competition in both thrust and radial directions.
  • Smaller and Lighter
    • CMC GRBs do the work of much bigger competitive bearing solutions, enabling optimized designs that reduce overall size and weight of the entire assembly. Standard sizes: Available in the common 200 and 300 series sizes up to 350mm OD. Larger sizes are available upon request.
  • Costs Reductions
    • The cost/performance ratio of the GRB is significantly better than any competitive bearing on the market. This of course reduces total bearing costs, but often more importantly dramatically reduces maintenance and replacement costs.


  • All types of machine tools (presses, injection molding machines, lathes, turning and grinding machines)
  • Gearboxes
  • Military/defense apparatus
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Oil and gas
  • Wind energy
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Marine Applications
  • Mining
  • Material Handling
  • Roller screw linear actuation
  • Ball screw linear actuation