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Ground Engagement Tools at little to no cost

Supplier: Cutting Edges Equipment Parts
03 November, 2011

Most operators have a desire to get their Ground Engagement Tools (GET) at low or no cost.

This is now possible through the use of CWP and M Systems. While this seems a grand claim it is, in fact, true.

Just imagine operating your loader or excavator with the knowledge that your GET are coming free of charge with the complements of Componenta through their superior design and materials.

By way of explanation we and CWP are not giving GET away, we are offering a system that will allow the operating cost of your machine to reduce to the stage where the savings made equal the old GET component of your total operating cost.

The saving is made by improving the efficiency of the design of the GET, that is it moves through the ground with less drag. This manifests itself by either a cost saving due to low fuel and longer component life and/or higher output from your machine.

How is a lower drag figure achieved? It is achieved through a better shape and a smaller cross sectional area. One simple example that demonstrates the point is the hand in sand analogy. If you are going to push your hand through the sand, or soil if you are gardening, you run your fingers through so your hand penetrates easily. You do not make a fist and try to push it through. Similarly don’t use GET that looks like a fist.

Field tests have shown that productivity improvements of 19 percent can be achieved with the Componenta Combi System. If a machine that is pushed hard can produce more , then your cost per tonne or cubic metre is reduced by the improved amount. As it is generally accepted that GET costs run at 10-15 percent of a machines total operating costs, then with 19percent savings you have your GET for free.

Even if in your case you don’t achieve the full 19 percent, can you afford to miss the opportunity?

The basic keys to this proposition are:

  1. The buy price of GET is not critical
  2. The efficiency of your GET is critical
  3. Always relate costs to the task at hand. ie. a cost / cubic metre or cost / tonne to operate the machine

There are many other advantages in these systems and these include, ease of fitment and self locking shrouds with M System and A5 style Combi adaptors.