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Growth in packaging industry fuels need for adhesive innovation

Supplier: Trio Packaging Systems
08 January, 2017

A recent report has highlighted the knock on effect the boom in e-commerce is having on the packaging sector globally, and on the value of the corrugated cardboard packaging in particular.

AT Kearney forecast that global ecommerce sales will reach $1.506bn by 2018 driven by both new entrants to the market and physical retailers embracing online as a channel for business growth.

Meanwhile New York-based Persistence Market Research (PMR), recently forecasted annual growth in the corrugated packaging market of 4%, with the market being worth an estimated $174m by 2020.As with Ecommerce, the growth will be global, however North America and the United States in particular is expected to see some of the biggest increase in the use of corrugated packaging with some 90% of products that are transported being packed in corrugated packaging.

With this increase in corrugated materials in particular, packaging firms are increasingly looking for innovative adhesive solutions that will help to secure packages to support this rise in e-commerce sales. At Trio Packaging Systems we have been supporting this sector for many years with a range of solutions, and our partnership with thee Fantastak R&D department continues to innovate in order to deliver products to our customers that create efficiencies, save costs that ultimately results in happier customers.

Trio Packaging also stocks an extensive range of double sided adhesive tapes in a variety of forms

  • Flush-edge tapes
  • Finger-lift tapes
  • ATG tapes for either manual or machine application (please note that the ATG tape can be applied using our Superdot Roller.
  • Top-selling double sided tapes

Flush-edge tissue tapes are available in a very high-tak rubber-based adhesive tape, in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 19mm widths (from stock). This grade of tak will work with most surfaces.

Finger-lift tissue tapes are available in a very high-tak rubber-based adhesive tape, in 6/12, 9/15, 12/18 and 18/24 (from stock). This grade of tak will work with most surfaces.

Other types of tapes available on request:

  • ATG tapes (for use in the ATG/SDR gun)
  • Acrylic-based adhesive in 6mmx25m
  • Rubber or acrylic-based adhesives in 12mmx50m
  • High-performance acrylic-solvent-based in 12mmx33m (for laminated surfaces).

Trio Packaging Systems can obtain the double sided tape you need – flush-edge, finger-lift, ATG, high-tak and tissue, with rubber-based, acrylic-based or solvent-based adhesive, minimum orders quantities apply.

We offer a range of adhesive based products specifically for hand finishing, point of sale and card embellishment such as products to hold CDs or DVDs, double sided foam pads, circular discs, glue tape rollers, double sided tapes, Velcro products, euro slots, duo discs, glue dots on sheets and high performance binding tapes. We can also source other products.

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