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GRS SupaFlow System

Supplier: Greywater Reuse Systems

Reuse your Laundry and Bathroom water. It is very, Simple, Easy and Effective

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GRS SupaFlow System

SupaFlow and SupaFlow Plus - Approval number GW0503

Reuse your Laundry and Bathroom water. It is very, Simple, Easy and Effective

Approved by WA. Department of Health Government and meets criteria for the $600 Rebate that is currently available.

The SupaFlow Greywater Reuse System collects and disperses laundry and bathroom wastewater into the garden via sub- strata dripline irrigation.

  • No chemicals required
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily installed in homes (new or existing)
  • Efficient use of water by even distribution to plant roots

How it Works

Greywater from the laundry and/or bathroom is initially directed to a dual filter. After filtration, the greywater is pumped and then permitted to flow through a dripper system which enables plants to uptake nutrients and water.

A safety overflow device is fitted to enable wastewater to retum to the sewer or septic system should this be necessary.


Each SupaFlow model comes complete with installation instructions and a maintenance schedule. The filter bags will need cleaning (typically) every few weeks.

The SupaFlow series comes in two models:

There are two models: the GRS SupaFlow which is the standard pump pit and the GRS SupaFlow Plus which is the deluxe pump pit.

Both models utilise a Reln Series 600 tank, which is made from recycled polypropylene. The lid is either 6 mm aluminium tread (checker plate) or 10 mm polyethylene.

(a) SupaFlow standard. This system will usually pump about 60 L from the tank.

(b) SupaFlow Plus. This model has an electronic controller which operates the pump and has an in-built safety waming light and buzzer which is activated should the pump fail for any reason.

This system design is for partial greywater dispersal, such as the reuse of wastewater from a laundry and/or bathroom. This system is NOT to be used for kitchen greywater.

Both models have the optional provision for top-up from scheme water, should the owners go on holiday and no greywater enters the system to water garden beds.

GRS SupaFlow (standard model)

SupaFlow relies on a standard submersible pump with float switch. The pump is activated when the tank is two-thirds full and is switched off about 12 cm from the bottom.

This means that the pump always has some water covering the pump inlet, preventing the pump from running dry and damaging the motor.

SupaFlow will pump a minimum 60 L from the tank, which is the difference in volume between the float switch on and off positions.

GRS SupaFlow (monitored model)

SupaFlow Plus has a controller which controls the pump on and off and activates a safety warning device should the pump fail, and the water level in the tank rises.

The controller is an electronic floatless level switch device. This permits autonomic drainage control with the added insurance of an alarm for any abnormal water increase.

The alarm is a typical safety warning device that incorporates a neon light, isolating switch and siren/speaker. The controller operates on 250v AC and the low voltage output is 12v DC and 3 mA.

The controller, safety warning device and power isolating switch are mounted in a water-proof box, normally on the external wall of the house near the pump pit.

Dripper irrigation kits

You can purchase a complete dripper kit, which typically contains 25 mm purple header pipe, several rolls of dripline, take-offs, KRain distribution valve, Biomatt filter and a punch tool. In addition there are flush valves, vacuum breakers and valve box covers.

Each kit has full installation instructions. Kits available include 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom, but other sizes are available.

If you wish to only use laundry (or bathroom) greywater then divide the anticipated volume by 10 to obtain the required irrigation area.

Optional Extras

  • Indexing valve (KRain distribution valve). Sends greywater to a different irrigation area each time the pump is activated.
  • Biomatt filter. Traps any hair or lint should these enter the pump tank.
  • Reflux valve. One-way valve which allows the filter and tank overflow to be connected to the sewer (not necessary in septic tank systems).
  • Additional filter bags.
  • Top-up from scheme irrigation system. Allows scheme water to enter the tank so that water can be sent to the irrigation area when you go on holidays.

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